Thursday, April 25, 2013

T Minus 2 Days

Tomorrow, Chris, JT (Jessica's hubby), Jessica and I will be traveling to Louisville to participate in the KY Derby Festival Half Marathon.  Let me clarify, Jessica and I will be participating, Chris and JT are just travelling!!!  I feel more prepared for the race than I did 3 weeks ago.  I am just really hoping the weather will cooperate with us.  I have ran a 5K in rain before, but not 13 miles!!!! And if it is cool temps plus rain, I will be one big whiney baby.  I can handle being warm and wet, but no so much on cold and wet.

forecast for there is hope!!!! 66 will be perfect running weather
if it doesn't rain!! Say a little prayer!
 I will have a race recap on Monday for everyone! And Good Luck to any and all who are running this weekend.  I know there is a big race in Nashville this weekend, The Country Music Marathon, part of the Rock N Roll series benefiting St Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis;  which is a wonderful hospital who provides hope to so many children with life threatening illnesses.

After our 5K on Saturday.  I decided to use a little extra eye cream from now on!!


michelle myatt said...

Goodluck girls!

Savannah said...

Good luck!!! I'm excited for race day and have every finger crossed that the rain disappears. Best wishes for a FAST race - I'll be looking for you along the route! :)

icecreamtomarathon said...

Ok girl, you need twitter or facebook or something so I can stalk you!! I'm dying to know how it went! I actually had a reader offer to pay for me to run the full! I wanted to do it SO bad, but it was all so last minute, and I didn't have a chance to get downtown to buy a bib. Hope you had a great time!!