Monday, July 18, 2011

A Lot of Randomness

I swore in my last post it wouldn't be as long next time, but as you can see it has been......So let's see here what has been going on with the Harbison's!!!!!!

VACATION!!!! Orange Beach/Gulf Shores
We had the best time.  It was Maddie's first time on the beach and she loved it!!! She could sit and play in the sand all day long! She loved digging in it, being buried in it and all that involved in the sand. We always brought enough sand back to the condo with us after a day at the beach!!

First time in the sand and seeing the ocean!!
We ate some really good food while we were there. My favorite was at Lamberts!! It was my kind of cooking, COUNTRY!!! Fried potatoes and onions, cabbage, hamburger steak with grilled onions, peppers, mac and tomatoes, black eyed peas, corn on the cob, etc!!!! Also it is the home of throwed rolls!! I hate that I didn't have my camera while we were there. They played pranks on all the customers the entire time we were there.  The waitress pretended to spill tea on Chris and squirted mustard on Carter and then she was holding a small box and told Carter to open it up and get a piece of candy and when he did a rubber mouse jumped out, it was hilarious, he screamed for dear life and we cried from laughing so hard!!!! Priceless!!!!  My next favorite restaurant was LuLu's, she is Jimmy Buffet's sister. It is a good atmosphere and good food.  What did I order you ask, A Cheeseburger in Paradise, with no cheese please!!! Also we ate with some really good company, no not Jimmy Buffet, but our neighbors The Garrett's and their family!!! Wild that you travel 9 hours from home and you eat with your neighbors!!! And once again I did not have my camera because we had been riding go-carts and I was afraid that I would break it or loose it!!
I really wished that I could have gotten pictures of Maddie's first go-cart ride, she loved it!! We wrecked and spun out and she laughed the entire time!!!!

I am very proud of my beach pictures of the kids, I have to say they did pretty good, I got some good ones, Heck I should have I only took about 250 in about 45 minutes !!!!!!

"Yeah that is my big bro"!!!

We went on a dolphin cruise and it was nothing short of awesome!!! The dolphins jumped and played  behind our boat's waves, the kids really loved it!!!

waiting to get on the boat at the dolphin cruise!

Carter packing water to build one of many sandcastles

The fair pet show was a huge part of my childhood. I can remember going as a kid and loving every minute. We had all shapes and sizes of cats, dogs, ducks, chickens, etc. And today it is much still the same. This year we took dogs, cats, turtles, ducks, roosters and crawdads. The turtle that we took has won first place for the last 3 years and he still retained his title..BIG YELLER!!!

We dressed up cats, dogs and roosters for the costume contest. Carter entered his rooster wearing, baby doll bib overalls, and a Mexican sombrero hat. The Judge loved it, he said how in the world do you judge a contest with 14 kids and all of them looking so cute, but he said he had to admit, he really liked a little boy with a black eye, holding a rooster who was wearing bib overalls!!! So Carter won!!!!!!!

Maddie loved the Pet Show as well. Last year she wouldn't show anything but she showed her kitty cat this year!!

Some of my former co-workers get together every summer for a little catching up. Or as Chris calls it a "talk fest"!!!! It is almost impossible for all of us to get together because we are scattered across 4 counties. We were short a couple of friends, but the 5 of us that were there had a wonderful time catching up and letting our kids play and get to know each other. Our club's name is a secret and I will let you wonder what Y&B stands for!!!!! And forever we always will be!!!!!

Jerri, Ashley (Robin's baby), Robin, Tina, Tammy and myself

Thank you Robin for hosting this year, and your house is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! And thank you Michael for providing daddy daycare!!!


Daddy surprised Maddie with a new bike!!! It is pink (obviously) and has Barbie on it, complete with pink and purple streamers and a bell!!! It also has a bike for Barbie to ride on the handle bars!!!


We went to Thunderfest at Bowling Green held each year at the Corvette Museum for the annual firework display. And it was nothing short of amazing it was the loudest and biggest fireworks I had ever seen. The kids loved it!!! Our 4th of July weekend literally lasted all weekend, starting on that Friday in BG, then Saturday night at our local park with some pretty amazing fireworks, then we went to the Tucker's on Sunday for a cookout and an interesting firework show (some decided to turn over and shoot toward the crowd!!!) and then we bought just a small amount to shoot off at the house on the actual 4th just so we can say we saw fireworks on the 4th of July!!

Maddie, Zachery, Carter and Paisley

Thunderfest 2011

at Thunderfest 2011

And then our great weekend came to a crashing end when Maddie got sick and had to be taken to the ER with a stomach bug, high fever and dehydration. We were released from the ER to follow up with our family pediatrician and she admitted her into the hospital for 2 days!!! Those were the longest 2 days of my life. I have no idea how parents do it day in and day out when they have a terminally ill child. I am so blessed that we had a very short stay and my child is fully recovered compared to lots of other kids that our  facing much more serious problems.

And as Bugs Bunny would say.....That's all Folks!!!!!!