Monday, April 29, 2013

KY Derby Festival Mini Marathon -Recap

Our 2 hour rode trip began on Friday around 11:00.  Chris, JT and I left from our house and we had to make a stop by the Louisville Zoo to pick Jessica up!!! Yeah she was visiting some extended family! LOL No she was there with her son on his end of year school trip.  We then headed to our hotel.  We stayed at the Hyatt on 4th St.  I have stayed there before and it is a nice place.  When we got to the parking garage, Jessica and I jumped out and went down to my super sweet "sister's" office, (Robin is like a sister to me, life long family friend and neighbor.) to get our Derby tickets!!  It was really neat to be able to go in one of the tall office buildings downtown....the 23rd floor!!!

The Hyatt
After that we walked across the street to the KY Convention Center to the Runner's Expo and picked up our packets.  It was really neat.  Very well organized.  Picked up a new headband.  I have baby hairs around my face, and when they get wet/sweaty, they go wild, so I was very excited to wear it on Saturday!

With our Bibs!
We headed down to 4th Street Live to meet up with the guys and to grab a bite to eat.  We went in a little Piano bar, Howl at the Moon and listened to them play a few songs and then to TGI Fridays to carb up!!!

Jessica and I headed back to our room and the guys caught a cab and headed across the river into IN to the gambling boat!  We were so excited  and nervous trying to decide what we were going to wear.  The weather had us tore up, it was a 40% chance of rain and cool.  So I opted for black UA capris and a long sleeve pink UA shirt. The main reason I wanted to wear it was it had a zipper pocket and I could have somewhere to put my poncho in case of the rain.  Jessica wore a tank top under her shirt, so she could take it off along the way and tie it around her.

In the hotel lobby right before we walked down to the start line!

At the start line, just as the Bugle was being played for a call to post, just like the Derby! Check out our super cute new headbands.  Mine is pink with bright polka dots and Jessica's says "i just felt like running"!!!! Go Forrest!

About to run 13.1 with 18,000+/- people!!!!
The race was super FLAT!!! If you are ever considering a Half Marathon, this is a great one for you to begin with! Great atmosphere, and super course!!! Miles 1-8 went by super fast!  We saw some Elvis runners, some people we knew along the course. I was looking for my blogging friend Savannah, that was like searching for a needle in a haystack or the swamp as Jace Robertson says..... and never did see you!! (BTW can't wait to hear how you did).
However on mile 10 I was starting to spend out!  My knees were starting to hurt and I could feel a blister coming on.  And sure enough when we got back to the room there was a NICE one!

This is the crazy thing, our time was exactly the same as our last/first Mini. 2:20:11.  To be honest, I really wasn't concerned with our time.  Since I had not trained like I needed to, I was just looking to finish, run the entire time, have fun and enjoy the moment. And I did!!!!!  But still crazy especially since this one was flat and the other one was hilly.  But I think I can justify it a little.  We had to walk about a minute at the start due to the congestion of people and then about the last 7 or so water stations you had to slow down a lot and wait for the water.  Not sure what the problem was, but at one they didn't have any cups of water and were filling them up as we got there.  Also we ran one lap inside of Churchill Downs, home of the KY Derby.  Which was awesome!!! There were horses on the track warming up, Saturday was opening night of Churchill Downs.  We goofed off in there taking pictures of each other, the spires and a nice lady asked if she wanted us to take a picture of us together.  But we never did stop, we dropped a gear to a very slow jog.  And at Mile 11 I was spent, I was so ready to get this over with, and I had slowed wayyyyy down.  I know I was holding Jessica back, that is why she is so awesome, she stayed with me every step. It was an amazing experience.

Elvis Lives!

Going into the tunnel

inside the track!!!! aka the infield
At the finishline, we saw the lady/friend that owns the nearest running store to us, Trax Running in Bowling Green, KY.  She is amazing, and has ran several Marathons including Boston and NYC.  Saturday she ran the Half.  She said her Full days are long gone, the knees can't handle it anymore!

Lilly, me and Jessica

finisher's medal!

I am so glad I was able to be a part of this neat experience and so glad that I have running partner that will hang with me through all my belly aching!!! We understand each other and almost know what the other is thinking, even though you can be a tad annoying Josssisca!!!! Love ya chick!!!!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

T Minus 2 Days

Tomorrow, Chris, JT (Jessica's hubby), Jessica and I will be traveling to Louisville to participate in the KY Derby Festival Half Marathon.  Let me clarify, Jessica and I will be participating, Chris and JT are just travelling!!!  I feel more prepared for the race than I did 3 weeks ago.  I am just really hoping the weather will cooperate with us.  I have ran a 5K in rain before, but not 13 miles!!!! And if it is cool temps plus rain, I will be one big whiney baby.  I can handle being warm and wet, but no so much on cold and wet.

forecast for there is hope!!!! 66 will be perfect running weather
if it doesn't rain!! Say a little prayer!
 I will have a race recap on Monday for everyone! And Good Luck to any and all who are running this weekend.  I know there is a big race in Nashville this weekend, The Country Music Marathon, part of the Rock N Roll series benefiting St Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis;  which is a wonderful hospital who provides hope to so many children with life threatening illnesses.

After our 5K on Saturday.  I decided to use a little extra eye cream from now on!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I am so proud of Maddie and her bike riding. She said one day she was going to learn how to ride her bike without any training wheels, and 3  hours later she was riding her bike without any training wheels!!! When she sets her mind set to something she is very determined!  She has now mastered the braking and turning.  At first she had to stop with her feet or walk it to turn around or a curve.  Before long she will be an old pro like her big brother!

Loving the green field and the beautiful Redbud trees in the background!!!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Butterflies for Maddie 5K Recap

Saturday was my first 5K of the year.  I knew I would be slower than I was last year when the racing season ended.  However I was quite pleased with my time and placement.  Carter decided he was going to go with Jessica and I to the race.  So we went to McD's real quick for breakfast, I had a bacon and biscuit and he had an Egg McMuffin with no egg!!! Weird Kid!! LOL  It was a chilly morning.  I was really wanting to run in shorts and short sleeved, but it was too cool for me.  So I wore capris with shorts over them and my half marathon long sleeve tech shirt.My capris are black UA's and my shirt is navy, so I put on some shorts to break up the color scheme!! You know you got to look good!! ha

Butterflies for Maddie is a very special race.  It is in honor/memory of a precious little girl who lost her life at a very young age.  You can read her story here.  The race has grown tremendously over the years.  There was 450-500 pre-registered according to the race director. 
My Sister and I before the proud of her, she has the 5K bug!!!
Jessica, me and Carter before the race.....No we did not plan our outfits....but we are not
above it!!!

Family Affair...Susan, my Mom, Me and Carter

Carter and I after the race...he beat me again!!! His time was 25:51, I was 27:49
Carter placed 2nd in his age group!!!!! SOOOOOO Proud of him!!!! He hasn't ran since OCTOBER!! Imagine if he actually trained!!!
I placed 6th in my age group, there was 34 in my age group, so I am pretty proud of that placement and that time.  However what I am most proud of is this was my first race that I ever did and I beat my time by almost 5 minutes from last year!!!! I had a time of 32:+/-, very proud of that!!!!

So in order to celebrate we went to the Donut Shop...The name of it is the Best Donuts...and they are believe me!!

One of the dozen donut holes I had!!!!! They were sooooooooooooo good!!!!!!


Friday, April 19, 2013

Slingin' Mud

One of my favorite past times is riding our Ranger, whether it be just us, or a large group or just 2 or 3 other side by sides, I love it!!! A couple of weeks ago several of our friends headed south to Monticello, KY to do a little riding!!! It was a beautiful day, around 75 degrees.  It was a perfect day to get 'Our Mud On"!!!!!!

Some of the riders and Side-by-Sides.

all of the Girlies!

Chris and I

Our Muddy Chariot!!

One of our very good friends, Kari and Adam!!! No we didn't take ours through this particular "puddle"!!!

Happy Friday!!! Running my first 5K of 2013 tomorrow, remembering Boston every step of the way!


Monday, April 15, 2013

The Weekend Report

Happy Monday!!! This weekend has been a very good one!!! We didn't do much, just hung out with family and the kids. I believe that is why it has been so good!

On Friday night us four and my parents went to ShoGun's, a Japanese restaurant!  Maddie and my Dad had never been before so the fire was pretty amazing to them both! I think what I like best about going there to eat is all the food that you get to bring home! Leftovers are the best!

Saturday morning I cleaned the house and did laundry!  Chris and Carter went running around for a few hours so it was just Maddie and I.  She helped me with some laundry and making her bed!! She is a big helper!! :)  After I cleaned I thought I would head out and mow the yard!  Call me strange but I love mowing the yard!

My beautiful Crab Apple tree!!!! No filters!

Maddie decided she wanted to learn to ride her bike without any training wheels.  We insisted that she was too little, but she INSISTED that she wasn't!!! So Chris took them off.  After about 30 minutes if assistance, she HAD it down pat!!!! She was still a little shaky on taking off and using the breaks, but she did it!  We had to take the bike down to my parents so she could show Nana and Grandaddy! She was so proud of herself.  Chris and I were too, but I told him it makes me sad at the same time, that is one of last steps in being a little girl! My baby is growing up!!!  And yes I totally failed with no pictures!! :(

Sunday after church, Jessica and I had our last big run to do before the Half that we have in 2 weeks. We ran 10 miles.  And for the most part it was 10 good ones.  At mile 9 I was ready for it to be over and for sure at 9.5!!!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Long Run / Farm Life

Sunday was a long run day for Jessica and I.  It was such beautiful weather! We ran 8 miles.  We took it slow and didn't get in any hurry.  We said before we left that we just wanted to enjoy being outside and not worry about any time.  So it was a very slow pace, no 5k pace or anything.  However I ran in my new Mizunos and the longest run that I have done in them is a 4 mile run and these 8 miles rubbed 2 blisters!  I am hoping that they will heal very quickly!

After our run, I went home and we fed our 40 Holstein calves.  Chris and Carter are partners on the calves.. 50/50.  Yes Carter paid for half of the calves!  His 2 grandpas has either given him calves or raised him a calf since he was a baby and we have put the money in Interest earning CDs.  It was time for the CDs to renew so we decided to cash them out and really invest the money.  We asked him if he wanted to do that and after discussing with the Grandpas, they thought it was very wise decision.  It was a win win situation!  My daddy decided not to purchase any calves this year so we are using his land to run the extra calves on.  Usually we only purchase around 15-20 each spring, so this year they bought 40! Carter is in Heaven!!! He feeds everyday with Chris, wades the mud, poop and all.  He loves to doctor them!  He is always wanting to give one a shot!! Maybe he will become a Vet someday!!!!  Now Maddie....she likes to look at them from a distance!

 Carter checking them out!!! Probably wondering if one needs a shot! LOL
This is only part of them, the rest of them are in the field in the distance, you can see some little black and white dots!


Monday, April 8, 2013


Hello Readers!!! I have been MIA for a couple of days! Last week was Spring Break for my kiddos and I took off work on Thursday and Friday to hang out with them.  Thursday was an okay day, rainy and cool, but Friday and the rest of the weekend was BE-U-TE-FUL!!!!!! We did some Ranger Riding, playing, and I unplugged from social media for the most part!  It was nice too!!! I will be back tomorrow and Wednesday for a full re-cap and pictures of our weekend!!! I don't have them downloaded yet! :)


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

25 days

25 days and counting until my second Half Marathon!!! Yikes!!! Am I ready physically, NO, am I ready mentally, NO, will I be ready, I hope so!!!! The course has been re-routed and it is a really flat course.  So with knowing that I feel better about the race knowing that I don't have any mountains to climb!  The Kentucky Derby is the biggest sporting event in the world and the fastest 3 minutes in sports entertainment.  And I am very happy to say that it is located in my home state.  The Marathon and Half Marathon is the weekend before the actual Derby.  The Derby is always the first Saturday in May, which I might add that we will be attending as well! I am so excited for both events!


Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Smiles

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter.  We did.  After church we just hung out at home doing nothing, and that was so nice since all weekend we ran wide open. The kids had their Easter hunts and parties at school on Friday.  Carter had a friend to stay the night on Friday night.  Saturday we attended my parent's annual egg hunt. So it was a full weekend.  Then we ended the day with a big W for the Louisville Cardinals!!! But you can help but think of Kevin Ware and that horrific injury he sustained!  No matter on the team you never want to see a player injured.

Maddie with the Easter Bunny (who has some jacked up ears) at school. Hunting eggs in the gym due to it raining..URGH. And hunting eggs at Grandaddy and Naan's.

Carter and his friends going through their loot!
Maddie and her BFF Zaylee

All the kid wanted from the Easter Bunny was a new Feed Bucket!!

Dang Cat, wouldn't leave!!!
I hope you had a Happy Easter!!!