Friday, September 28, 2012

Can YA See Me Now!!!

So Jessica and I have purchased us a new toy, so to speak!!! I have been reading on other blogs and contemplating about getting some compression socks. I have been having some cramps in my left calf muscle that I just can't get rid of.  So we didn't want to pay the $50 that some were asking, so we searched ebay and found some here within our budget of $18!!!! So we bit the bullet and bought them!!!

As I was leaving my office yesterday afternoon to go for my run the Sheriff and deputy Sheriff was sitting in front of the courthouse (remember my city limits population is maybe 1500, we all know everybody's name and even what color underwear you wear :) and they asked me if I was bright enough!! I told them that I wanted to make sure that I wouldn't get hit!!

I really couldn't tell during and after our run if I liked the socks or if they were even helping. I do LOVE the sock portion of the sock: it is very supportive around the arch, padded heel and padded area on the ball of your foot. But this morning, OH yes, my legs were not cramping any and the pain in my left calf, it is still there but nothing like it was!! So I think this was a great investment!!!

Check us out!!!!


Thursday, September 27, 2012


For the last 5 weeks or so my focus has been on a race that I am helping "put on" as we say in the South!  In our little county we have what is called the Pumpkin Festival every year, this makes the 31st Annual!  Around our town's square there is booths set up for vendors to sell their unique crafts that they have made such as candles, hair bows, crochet items, etc. And there are many food booths set up as well.  My favorite happens to be the Twisty Tator! Let me fill you in, just imagine a thin potato, sliced and curled (kind of like an apple peeling with breaking it) fried in that delicious grease and then topped with ranch dressing, bacon bits, chives and cheese!!! My mouth waters thinking about it! And the fresh squeezed lemonade, pure BLISS!! The festival also host a Biggest Pumpkin contest, best decorated/carved contest and a costume contest for the kids: Categories that consist of Scariest, Prettiest, Cartoon, and Creative.

The last 20+ years they have had a 5k run/walk. And this year my friend and running buddy Jessica were asked to help with the organization of it.  It has been so much fun planning it. We are both very active in the March of Dimes organization, which is a group for premature babies.  And this year a portion of the proceeds are going to the MOD.  We are so very honored to be able to help with this great organization.  It is very time consuming but has also been a very fun experience as well.  We are able to put our own little twist in the race. We have changed up the route, adding great door prizes, adding some "cheerleaders" for encouragement along the route, at the finish line everyone will receive a finish line photo, which is always fun!!!! Also at each of the mile markers, they have a special sign.  Mile 1 is in Memory of Allie, who is Jessica's baby girl that went to be with Jesus at 28 days old. She was born at 28 weeks.  Mile 2 is in honor of my Carter, who was born at 31 weeks and weighed only 3lbs.  God blessed us with him! and Mile 3 is in Honor and Memory of all Premature Babies.  Jessica has a team in Memory of Allie, called Allie's Gang so the race is in her memory.

I know you will hear more about the race so I wanted to give you a "heads up" on what I talking about it! So if you are in the area email me and I will send you a registration form if you would like to participate. The tee-shirt that we have designed this year is a really neat Tech shirt!!! The t-shirt features Allie's Gang and has sweet Allie's footprints on it!!!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I am over the moon you can see "twice as nice" got a new-do!!!! I am totally in love with it (said in my most Austin Powers voice)!!!!! My wonderful, creative, sweet, friend, co-worker Ashlee has hooked me up with a new look!!!! I haven't got all my info in my buttons yet, but that will come!!!! I think now I will be more regular on posting, mainly so I can come and look at my purty new design!!!! Hope you like!!!!

xoxoxoxxo Asheeeee!!!! and btw................I am missing you!!!!!!! She is on vacation this week, so I am all alone :(


Monday, September 24, 2012

Whatta Weekend!!!

This weekend, has flew by!!!!! But then again don't they all, especially when you are having fun!
The weekend started out with a date with the hubs! We went out for supper and then to the movies.  We watched Lawless, it is a 1930s based true story about moon shining! It was really good. However we did not get home until around midnight and I had a race the following morning!!! EEK!!! So I hurried up and go into bed to be awaken by my alarm at 5:45 which had only seemed like I had been in bed for 5 minutes!!! I had my usual race morning breakfast, Jimmy Dean D-delight Turkey Sausage, egg white, cheese muffins and my Mello Yello!!! They are the best!! I have to have my "coffee" which is the Yellow beast!!! Then I switch to Powerade!
Then I met up with my running buddy and bestie Jessica and we had to Glasgow to the Jailbreak 5K.

Laura tagged along with us today for her very first 5K!!!! I was super proud of her. It was a great morning for a run.  I was feeling good and had that usual nervous jitter bug going on!! I felt really good about the race today.

We both finished first in our age groups!!!! And we actually crossed the finish line at the same time, holding hands!!!!!! We both PR'ed!!!!!! 26:49!!! I was so very pleased with my time!!!!! At the finish line the lady handing out the place cards said she would let us hash out who got the 16th and 17th place card and I grabbed the 16th and told Jessica she has beat me in the last 3 races that I was placing before her even if we did cross at the same time!!!! We placed 16th and 17th out of 52 runners!!! I was very pleased!

The rest of the weekend was PART-TAE time, Birthday parties that is!!!! Carter had 2 parties on Saturday one at his little buddy's Ben's which was an Olympic Themed party complete with gold medals and relay races and the other was Jessica's son, Kruz. His was TurtleMan themed. I truly feel sorry for you if you have never seen Call of the Wildman on Animal Planet!!!! You  must check it out!!! He is from KY, we are honored!! Insert sarcasam!!!!!
However the kids love it!!! TurtleMan is what Carter is going to be for Halloween!

Carter and Ben, and Carter was covered in mud, I think he really thought he was to act out the role since he was dressed like the TurtleMan!!!
Jessica had 8 little boys to stay the night at the cabin!! And she somehow conned me into staying the night with her to help with the supervision!!! It was fun!!!! They had a wonderful time, they played in the river, had relay games, caught critters, roasted marshmallows!!! And when dark came we migrated to the cabin for some movie watching!

Finally OUT!!!!!

Us Turtle Moms, looking a little rough!!!! Late night!!!!


Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Friday Blog Land!!!
I hope you are having an amazing day, have had an amazing week and hopefully have an amazing weekend planned!!! twice as nice is currently getting a face lift, so be sure and check back next week, hoping it will be all complete!!!!
I am so super excited about it!!!:)


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where Were You?

 Where were you when the world stopped turning?

I was substitute teaching at my high school. I remember the teacher I was subbing for and exactly how her classroom was arranged. The principal came over the intercom and stated for everyone to turn on their televisions to CNN for there was history in the making.  As I sat and watched in disbelief, I was explaining to the students what this meant, for they were naive and had no clue.  And then plane #2 struck the second tower, WOW that is all I could say.  Some of the upper classmen knew what this meant, but the younger ones had no idea what soon would be happening.
I had a night class that evening at WKU and all we did was watch TV, our professor let us out early so we could be with our families.
I will never forget that day.  Just as my parents remember the day JFK was shot.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oh my aching Body!!!!!

How I feel today....Just as my title reads.......OH MY ACHING BODY!!!!! Yesterday Jessica and I ran 3 miles during my lunch hour.  It was HOTTT, and humid, we pulled 2 pretty good hills and got really good, hot and sweaty!!!!! Jessica has a dance studio where she teaches children dance and tumble but she also teaches adult fitness classes.  I used to go to Zumba all the time, and then it was one of those things where something came up, really to tired to go, etc, just excuses.  She has been teach Piloxing for about 6 months now and has been asking me to come for a very long time, so I gave in last night.  O M G, is all I can say!!!! It was 45 minutes of non-stop cardio, I am hurting all over. Even my legs are little sore, but mainly my upper body, that very seldom gets any kind of workout!  I have to say Piloxing is where it is!!!! It is a combination of Pilates and kickboxing.  It is said to burn 840 calories in one session and I know I did!!!!
After coming home from the fitness class, I decided I would get out my hula hoop and work on the ole waist line!!! I hula'ed for 20 minutes, might as well get in all areas, right!!!!!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Loving Right Now!

I have gotten many new ideas from Pinterest lately, so thought I would share with ya!

Pinned Image
This is a wardrobe for play and dress up clothes for little girls!!! I absolutely love it!!!!! Maddie would be in heaven with this!!

Pinned Image
How cute is this little hand print?!?!?!?
Pinned Image
I love fall decor!!!
Pinned Image
This idea is so cute!

Pinned Image
I really hope that Carter has to do this as a project!!!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

I hope all of you had a great weekend, I did!!!  Didn't do that much, but that is what made it so good, compared to all of our running last weekend!!!!
It wasn't raining on Saturday morning when I got up so I ate me a bite to get me ready for the 5K I had planned on running in.  It turned out to be a great morning, a little muggy, gotta love KY weather!!

My running peeps..Brit, me, Cheyenne, Sydney, Jessica and Kandis
before the race.

After the race!!!! We cleaned house!!!
Cheyenne, Jessica and I all got 1st in our age divisions, Kandis got 3rd and her daughter Konnor won the kids fun run!!!!! Needless to say we brought home the gold!!!!

The winners in my age group.

Race Stats: Time- 27:27, Distance- 3.1 miles (5k)
And it was a PR for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My goal in my next race is be under 27 minutes!!! I think I can, I think I can!!!!!

After the race we ran to the nearby Harley Davidson store so that Chris could get some chrome for his bike!!!! At the HD store they were having a cook-out of some kind and the Western Kentucky University mascot, Big Red was there, and the kids wanted their picture made, Maddie was a little scared at first but she liked him!!

Then we had to go to the Big Orange Tent Halloween store. Carter is wanting to be the Turtle Man for Halloween, so we had to go and get the black hat!!! He has wore it all weekend. Chris put a feather on it just like Ernies!! Yesterday it was on ALLLLL day long!!!!! And yes it was on my tv alllllllll day long!!!!!

I did some much needed cleaning, ya know the cleaning that doesn't get done except for about once a year. Yeah that kind!!! I cleaned everything off my shelves in my bedroom, washed all the crystal and rearranged all the pictures. It looks so much better!! I will try to remember to take a picture today! Then I went to the basement  into to the Toy Room with a garbage bag!!! That always makes me feel good!!!! Cleaned out the 2 closets in the basement and got rid of some more useless treasures!!!! I need more of these days!!!!
Have a good SHORT week!!!