Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I had stressed and stressed about my Christmas card this year.  Normally I will use a picture that I made in the fall of the kids, but things got crazy busy and I never did get around to making any pictures of them in somewhat matching outfits.  I was ill, mad, disgusted, all of the above about my card.  One night a little dusting of snow fell and I got my camera. turned on the flood lights and snapped a couple of pictures to see how my lighting would be.  It was good!! The kids were in the basement playing, I yelled for them and said to put on  your muck boots, puffy coats and boggins!! They were thinking "Yep Momma has finally lost it!"  I told them come on we are going to play in the snow!!! What I like best about this card is this is THEM...this is US!!! Maddie showing her usual sass in her pink and Carter in his muck boots and camo coat! Our Australian Shepherd Trigger would not leave them alone and I said grab him up and hug him! Picture Perfect!!!

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!!!!


Friday, December 20, 2013

The Bourbon Tour

About 2 months of ago, Chris, me and two other couples went on a Bourbon Distillery tour.  Ya see KY is where that bourbon you love so much is made from, at least the majority of it or the more popular ones anyway!! We toured Woodford Reserve, Four Roses, and Wild Turkey.  We aimed to also tour Makers Mark, but time got away from us.

 We all met in Louisville at our hotel, The Brown, which is located downtown.  A very swanky establishment if you will! And then we all piled in a stretch limo!!!! Yeah none of us wanted to drive since we get to taste test at each distillery after the tour.  It was a very fun and informative day!!! I highly recommend if you get the opportunity to tour any of these distilleries that you do so!! I learned that the WoodFord Reserve was the most toured attraction in KY in 2012!!! Just think all that bourbon that is sold all over the world is made right here in my little home state!!!

Outside of the Distillery where thousands of barrels of bourbon are aging.

 Barrels are stacked from the floor to the ceiling. The aging process.

 The Yeast stage......... this really stinks!!
These barrels are waiting to be filled.
This was inside of Four Roses Bourbon Distillery, located in Versailles, KY
Bet you can't guess where this was......Yep at Wild Turkey!!!
I LOVED these rocky turkeys!!! They were so much fun!!!
Chris jumped on behind me and and at one time we had it on its back rockers, standing straight up!!!
The Wild Turkey distillery was very modernized!  It was very neat as well.  But probably my favorite of the 3 that we were able to visit was Woodford Reserve.  I liked the history of it and seeing inside the distillery where all the barrels are housed for the aging process.
So if you are ever in the Bluegrass State be sure to check out the Bourbon Trail and if you are a runner there is a race that is called the Bourbon Trail.  It is kind of like a Ragnar, it consists of team of about 12 and you travel in a van. Not sure where the race begins, but I know it ends at Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY.  The race runs by every distillery.  I think that would be really neat!!!


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Today is a special baby girl is 6 years old!!! So hard to believe that she is 6 already!!! 
Here is a look through her 6 years at every one of her birthday parties!!!

On her birthday!!

On her Birthday!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Time I Crossed the FinishLine of a Marathon and Only ran 4 Miles.....

How is that title for the longest titles in history!!! But it is true!!! Be ready to sit back for a long re-cap!

Ya see my person is Jessica, ya'll know her, we are like peas and carrots, sisters from another mister, finish each other sentences, can tell what the other is thinking without saying a word.  But we do have our differences as well.  She is my running partner.  We basically know each other's running habits better than we know our own.  Out of the blue one day she said "you want to do a marathon?" I looked at her like she had lost her mind, and my exact words, sorry for the language.."hell no!!!!!"  She started dying laughing!!! That ended that conversation until about 2 weeks later she asked again, same response.  This soon started to be a weekly question, and she got the same answer!  I told her that I would run the first half with her and support her, do what I could for her and be at the finish line when she crossed it.  But life happens. I was on training week 6. Carter was on the high school cross country team; they had practices 4 days a week, an away meet every week.  Maddie had dance and tumble 2 days a week.  Started getting dark earlier, homework, chores, laundry, cooking dinner, being a is called life. 

I would have loved to been able to run but I wanted to see my kids activities and see them achieve as well.  So I decided that I would sit this one out.

I went on several of her training runs with her, or she would have a long run and I would either start the run with her or jump in at the end of run and do the last 4-5 miles with her.  Fast Forward about 6 weeks to the day of the marathon, the BG26.2 held in Bowling Green, KY. She had did all her training and all that was left was for her to cross that line.

I had bought her a nice glittery new sticker for her hummer it was pink and said 26.2!! I couldn't wait to give it to her.  One of our very good friends Katie was doing the Half.  She was going to run the first half with her.  It was Katie's first half and she rocked it!!! Our other good friend Teri was going to jump in and do the second half. Jessica had arranged with the race coordinator about the timing so Teri just ran through the shoot to activate her chip.

Teri hadn't trained with Katie or Jessica and she wasn't as prepared, but she has ran a half marathon before so she wasn't going into it blind.  While we were waiting for her to come around the corner to finish 13.1 Teri said she hoped she could finish.  I said I am just jealous and wished I was out there!!!

Katie and Jessica about to cross the 13.1 point!
 Katie, Carter and I jumped in my car and drove over to where mile 20 was and we saw them come by...they were all smiles!!

Mile 20

Jessica's husband and son had gotten there by this point.  Teri called my cell phone and said I am walking I have cramped and I can't run at this point.  She said you have to meet her!! I was like WHAT!!!!???? So that is when I knew I was going to have to run!!! Luckily I had on some yoga/exercise pants, an Under Armour long sleeve tech, and my Mizunos.  But one of the most important things a GIRL needs I was lacking...yeah the tatas were all over the place!!!
a selfie while we were running!! we were on mile 24!! She is still all smiles!! I looked like I was straining to poop or something!!!!

Jessica wrote a re-cap of the race and this next bit is in her words, I think she tells it better than I could:
      "As we passed mile 20, I couldn’t help but dread the next subdivision. I made it through the subdivision just fine, continuing to hold that pace. I noticed that Teri was pulling back at this point. She was cramping. It happens to so many people. So many. She continued to pull back- I didn’t think too much about it until my phone rang. It was Teri. Teri said “don’t you stop! You keep going!” She knew and I knew and this point on mile 21 if I pulled back or stopped, I was done! I had been going forward for 4 hours and 35 minutes- going for that long, you just CAN’T STOP. It was a terrible feeling but I also knew she would finish. I pushed through and made it back to the main highway. I pushed, and pushed. Running solo.

Pink shirt---From a distance, somewhere between mile 22 and 23 I could see a person waving their hands in a pink shirt and headed my direction. What? Who else other than Kelly Jo wearing a bright pink shirt. The person who from the beginning, months back said “I’ll see you at the end.” This was not “the end” we planned. This was the “new end” because life happened. Runners get cramps all the time. Our plan was Kelly Jo be at the finish line to see me and Teri cross not cross the line, not with me. She was supposed to hand me a 26.2 sticker. Life happened and now she is running with me. She is running unprepared, attire being “unprepared” is the best way to put it. Life just happens there is no other way to explain it. There she stood. I said “Don’t you kill me!” Me saying “don’t you kill me” means, she has fresh legs and I’m pretty sure I’m hitting a wall or something! We ran, she talked, she took pictures, she was texting, I just listened. We passed JT, mine and Kelly’s little boys standing, watching us and cheering us on holding signs, that read “GO MOM GO!!! It was the sweetest. The boys were proud and JT was really enjoying it, he was smiling so big. He was proud, I was proud. JT helped me so much with my training- he encouraged me, supported me, checked in on my long runs. He helped with the kids (Mr. Mom always does) and there he stood along the course- cheering me on. Smiling.

I had felt amazing until this point. I had pushed along, no walls, nothing crazy (well beside my music irony) but something about mile 23 and 24. You are so close to being done and you know that. Even being at mile 23 and 24 you still have a distance to go. You just have to run. Run, run, and tell yourself to run, do not stop! Kelly knows my run habits better than I do. Around that mile I wanted to stop, I wasn’t in excruciating pain but I had been running for almost five nonstop hours. Did I say I have boundless energy and endurance? Well, I questioned it at this point. I was ok overall, but I was ready to stop. I said “Just get me to the finish line, Kelly”.  I could hear my music “And we'll never be royals (royals) It don't run in our blood That kind of lux just ain't for us, we crave a different kind of buzz Let me be your ruler (ruler) You can call me queen bee And baby I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule …Let me live that fantasy” I love this song, don’t get me wrong but I wanted something strong at this point. There was no way to turn the song, I just had to sing, so I did.

My wall-I assume mile 23 and 24 was a wall. It was brick, concrete studded, wrapped in barbwire with a couple pit-bulls biting my calves at the gate. My wall appeared late, thank goodness. I will thank that 20 miler in the rain for making me tougher than I thought! On mile 25.25 I tore the wall down- I busted it! Aerosmith “Dream On” was taking me to the finish line. That song will hold a special meaning now. “Listen, dream on, dream on, dream on Dream until the dream come true Yea, dream on, dream on, dream on”. When I rounded the corner, I stripped the Garmin off and handed it to Kelly.

26 mile sign, I rounded my very last and final turn. Kelly said “take your ear buds out and listen to them cheer for you!” There it was, all of it, I could hear everyone, see everyone and I could see the finish line. I just wanted to run and cry- so I did just that. I ran and I cried. I didn’t think about what the last 5/6 months consisted of. It was tears of joy, excitement and the feeling of accomplishment. I can’t describe really how it felt to turn and see Sharna surprise me by being there at the finish line along with everyone else. My big hug from JT. Kruz was so proud!

Kruz and Carter
 Kruz was saying “You’re my MARATHON MOM!” He was so proud. I was so happy to see everyone, strangers, friends and familiar faces there at the finish line cheering me on. I don’t remember any feelings or aches and body pains- just the joy of stopping. I had been moving in a forward direction for 5 hrs and 10 minutes!

And minutes later, Teri finished her 13.1. Everything we worked for was right there.
I can never thank those who logged in miles with me. Katie and the start, Teri in the middle and Kelly Jo those last four miles. I think it’s strange how something’s work out. I had wondered if I would feel like it was worth it? It was. Will I do it again? As soon as someone ask me to do it with them. I see it happening. It was worth it."

crossing the line!!!!
Teri, Katie, Jessica, and me
the finisher!!! I am soooo super proud of this chick, and proud to call her my Person

So that was the time I crossed the finish line of a marathon and only ran 4 miles!! But I think that me crossing the finish line couldn't be any more emotional than I was this day!!!

Sorry for a very wordy, lengthy post, but I wanted to get it down, so I wouldn't forget it!!!!


Thursday, November 21, 2013

In My Neck of the Woods...

I know it has been forevehhhh since I last wrote a blog post!!! It is called life and it happens.  But since it has been a long time you can bet I have some great stories for you, so sit back, grab some chips and dip, a glass of wine, cold coca-cola or any beverage of choice and enjoy!!!!

I am going to try and do these happenings in chronological order and they will not all be in one here goes!!

**The end of October we went RZR riding in TN. The area we went to is North of Knoxville, it is located off of I75 on the Stinking Creek Rd exit!! Yeah I know what a name!!! The scenery is so pretty and leaves and fall foliage was beautiful.  Next time we plan to spend the night because getting up at 5:30 and driving 3 hours and then riding in the RZR for 8 hours and then riding home 3 hours makes for a VERY long day!

~~ a little blurry it was quite bumpy!!~~

**Halloween!!!! I love Halloween!! Carter wanted to be a Coon Hunter, surprised..uh not me!!! Which was a win win for me, since he goes coon hunting with Chris we had everything. Maddie had no idea what she wanted to be, so we just went to Wal-Mart and looked at the costumes, and she chose a Witch, and she told everyone she was a good, nice witch!!

Maddie and Carter with their ever sweet Great Granny!! My Granny!

** Be sure to check back for the post on the time I crossed the finish line of a marathon but only ran 4 miles!!! I promise you will love it!!!!


Monday, October 21, 2013

We have been...........

Very busy here lately!!!!! Just to bring you up to pare of where we have been and what all I have been involved in....

Jessica and I once again coordinated the Pumpkin Festival 5k in our little hometown.  We had around 50 more runners this year than last!! It was a great success! But we can't take all the credit it would not be possible without all of our generous sponsors and wonderful volunteers!!!! Many thanks to you all!!!

I won my age I have no idea!!! My running hadn't been much in the past few weeks due to getting ready for the race. And I ran my slowest 5K ever!!! 28:06.
However Carter was Mr Speedy!! He Pr'ed almost 5 minutes from last years race and Pr'ed 2:05 in general with a 23:19.!! He got second in his age group!! Super proud momma!!!! I love this picture of him, that is a look of determination and both feet off the ground!!!

During Fall Break we took a little over night trip South and went to Nashville to stay over night in a hotel with an indoor pool and then to Bridgestone Arena to Disney's Princess on Ice!  The kids loved it!!!!

This little encounter with Mickey makes us even more excited to visit him next summer at his house!!!!

And this past weekend we were lucky enough to go back to Nashville to see the Country Music Entertainer of the Year!!! Mr Sexy himself...Luke Bryan!!!! OMG, he is one hottttttt man!!!! Florida Georgia Line and Thompson Square opened for him in Bridgestone Arena!  They were awesome as well. I love FGL.  Their new single Stay is originally written by my hometown boys Black Stone Cherry!!! They are great entertainers as well. And Mr Luke, well he rightfully holds that title of Entertainer of the Year, because when I say he puts on a hell of a show you better believe me!!

Carter and our puppy Trigger. Yes Puppy!!! He is only 5 months old and he is into everything!!! Trigger is an Australian Shepherd, and the most lovable dog!

Looking forward to this coming up weekend a little Rzr riding in eastern KY, in the edge of TN.  The trees and colors should be amazing!!!