Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lookey Lookey a Post was Written!

Well.....Lookie.... There!!!!!  Kelly is writing a post!!! I have no excuses whatsoever!  I have had blog block, just haven't felt it, but I am hoping to get a post out tomorrow on that time that I ran 26.2 miles!!! Yeah my very first marathon!!!!  That is pretty important stuff!!!


Friday, March 21, 2014

Lets Get Movin'

In my hometown we are have a racing series going on.  The School Board of Education and Jessica's Dance Center is responsible for putting it all together and then there is a business that sponsors each month.  Each month there is a themed 5K for only the residents of this county and for those who may live out of county that work in this county.  In March the race was called the Leaping Leprechaun.  Each race is timed and awards are given to each age group.  There is a triple crown, for the months of April, August and December and if you win your age group those three months then you are entered for a Hibbetts gift card!  The race fee is only $5 and $2 for students and you get a dri-fit tech shirt!!! Plus it is 5 minutes from my house so you don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to get there!! So it is a win win!!!

This past weekend was the second race, it was held at 4:00 in the afternoon which turned out to be great because the weather was so nice!!!  And the turnout was great!!! There was around 80 people that showed up to participate!!! I think that is great for residents and workers only!!!

 Maddie had talked about the Kid's Fun Run all week.  It was 2 laps around the football field....she didn't make it one!!! Bless it's bones!!!! I walked the rest of the lap with her!!

After I finished.  I had a very heated finish with a guy and we were in a dead sprint for the last tenth of a mile and I was done!!!  BTW he got me by 2 seconds!!!!
Jessica and I with our boys!
Jessica, Kandis and I.....we all took home 1st in our age groups!!!!!
 Carter likes being with the older girls!!! LOL And must I say he smoked our tails today!!! Kid hasn't ran since October and he ran a 23:49!!! He got 5th overall and 2nd in his age group!!! Can you say one proud Momma!!!!!!
 My age group winners.  My time was a 28:21, not the best but okay for my first 5k of the year and certainly okay for having run 16 miles the day before!!! I will also add I was 14th overall..... I will take it!!!
 My Momma, me and Carter.  My Momma is one amazing woman. She is 61 years old,(please don't kill me Momma for putting that out in blog land)  has lost over 70lbs and is now running a 5k!!!! Her fastest time has been in the 37 minute range.  At this race she ran a 39:29!!!! She won first in her age group as well!!!! I am very proud of her and ALL her accomplishments!!!!

More to come on the Let's Get Movin Race Series!!!!!!! Hoping to win that Triple Crown!!!!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Un-Charted

Last Friday, I experienced new uncharted territory.  I ran my longest distance that I had ever ran....16 miles.  Jessica, Katie, Kandis and I (the three Ks and Jammin J) drove to Glasgow, (about 15 miles) from us to do our run.  We needed a change in scenery and Glasgow has a lot more sidewalks than we do in our little town.  And the route we had, had a lot fewer hills..Huge PLUS!!!! We had a 5 mile loop planned out and after the second loop I was still feeling great!!  At the beginning of the third loop, we stopped by our car to shed some clothes, refill our water/gatorade bottles, have some chomps and chus and was on our merry way!!  Even at mile 13 I was still feeling great.  However when 16 hit I have to say I was glad to be able to stop running!!! I looked at my Garmin at mile 13.1. Even though it doesn't count officially I PR'ed my Half Marathon distance by 5 minutes, so I was super excited about that!!!!
me, Kandis, Katie and Jessica


Friday, March 7, 2014

Mizuno Running

So what if everybody ran? That is what Mizuno Running is asking, the statistics are astounding and it would be awesome if everyone did.  Now you are probably thinking I can't run, what if you just walked, biked, did aerobics, strength training, some kind of physical fitness, you would feel better, I know I do!!

My Favorite running shoe


Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Road to 26.2

Some of you may or may not know that I am training for my first Full Marathon!!! Yikes that scares the crap out of me just saying it!  And this winter weather hasn't been the friendliest in the world!!  Most of my runs have been on a treadmill, which is okay up until about mile 8, then the OCD kicks in!!!  My longest run since last April was about 2 weeks ago.  It sure wasn't pretty but I did it.  I was feeling great at mile 10.  My training plan only called for 12 miles, but being the pushy person she is my PIC, BFF Jessica said lets just run a half marathon!!! So I did and that last 1.1 mile about killed me!!!!! My knees were killing me by the time we finished.  We averaged around a 11 minute mile, so it wasn't too bad I guess.

So here is to a few more long days until the BIG ONE...Ky Derby Marathon!!!!  If you are in the area and looking for one to run, it is a really neat race.  The course takes you by some historic and scenic places in downtown Louisville.  To name a few...The YUM Center, home of the UofL Cardinals, the Louisville Slugger museum and factory where the bat is made (neat place, a must see) Uof L campus, and one lap of the infield at Churchill Downs!!! How cool is that!!!!

Anxiously awaiting for April 19!!!!

Are you training for any half or full marathons this spring?

After said 13.1 miles!!!!! Crazy hair and all!!!!!!
Running attire....UnderArmour Infared top and pants, Swiftwick socks, Mizuno Elixirs, Oakley sunglasses, Garmin Forerunner (oldie but goodie)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Back up to Speed

Wow didn't realize it had been this long since I was last here!!!! The weather here in South Central KY this year has been brutal!!! I am so over it and ready for spring!!  I think everyone is.  If our kids goes the rest of this week, it will be the first full week since Christmas break! Keeping our fingers crossed for no more Snow days!!!!  I know my kids may think differently but they don't understand the consequence!

Here are a few pics to bring everyone up to speed of what has been going on in little neck of the woods!!!

Carter has been playing basketball and his team won the tournament!!! He has improved since the very first game!! He really likes playing and I hope he continues with it!

When the kids are out of school, they stay with my Mom.  And by day 4 they were getting rather anxious, so Nana got creative with Maddie and brought out all my old paperdolls!!! Maddie loved them!!! I walked down memory lane when I got home that afternoon. I remembered everyone of them after seeing them!

During one of our snows, we got the RZR out and went sledding with it!!! We went and picked up our cousin Kendall and he had a fun day of sledding with us!!!

We finally got to celebrate the 100th day of school.  We did 100 Faces of Maddie!! On the front of her shirt it says 100 Faces of Maddie and has 20 pictures and on the back there is 80 pictures of Maddie!! From birth to present!! I think it turned out really cute! It was a big hit at school.  Thanks to Nana...this was a snow day project for Maddie and Nana.

And lastly.....warmer temps mean off the treadmill!!!!!! I love my lunch hour runs!!! I can tell I was much slower yesterday.  That is what almost 2 months of treadmill running will do for you!!! I think the treadmill is better than nothing, and it does burn calories but it will not train you for any races, unless they are super flat!!!! And in our little town there is nothing flat about it!!! On the course that I normally run there is only about 2 miles all together that is flat!!!!


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tunica, Mississippi

On Thursday afternoon, we headed South to Tunica, MS.  Tunica is a little town that is just about 15 miles south of Memphis.  We had never been before, so we were looking for a fun getaway!  Our birthdays are only 2 days apart, we always try to do a little something for our birthday since it is so close together.

We stayed at the GoldStrike.  It is an MGM resort and I highly recommend it!! The rooms were super nice, clean and the beds slept great!  While there I used the fitness center and it was top of the line with several different machines.  We ate at the Buffet and it was very good.  We had breakfast and brunch there and I cannot complain about anything!  My favorite on the buffet was the pizza.....OMG it was delish!!! And the ice cream!! I had a big strawberry sundae.  And I did a blogger fail...not one picture of any of that food!!!! I was too busy living in the moment!

The Resort we stayed in
Chris did really good on the tables! Normally your odds at winning aren't the best, but he came home with some "chips" in his pocket!!  He hit on 3 numbers on the roulette table and that was a pretty big win!  I pay the slots.  I played for about 9 hours on $20!! I am a VERY cheap gambler! I will not continue feeding the machines.  But I had fun and that is all that matters!!!

Some of his winnings!

Chris's chips at the roulette table!
On Friday night we drove back into Memphis to eat at Rendezvous!!! If you are ever in the area or reside close and haven't eaten there....you are missing out!!! This is my third time eating there and it was no disappointment! It was delish!!! I had the dry rub chicken and Chris had the BBQ ribs!!! Man I wish I could have some right now!!

Chicken at Rendezvous!

Chris's Ribs
On Saturday we checked out of the hotel and checked out a few others there in the area, and we drove into Memphis to stay Saturday night there.......until my next post, more on Memphis!!!  However I do want to share some pictures that I got as we were coming into Memphis of the mighty Mississippi River!!!! I could look at her all day!

On the bank of the Mississippi


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Birthday Weekend

My birthday was January 11. I turned the big 3-5.  The only advantage to turning 35 is I am now out of Jessica's (bff) age group in running! I normally don't mind numbers but 35 is kind of different, it is really close to 40! And 40 will be here before I know it!

On Thursday, my Momma, Jessica, Katie, Teri, Erica, Ashlee, Summer all met at the Mexican Restaurant.  It was really good! I was treated with some really nice gifts! I received a Candleberry candle, some earrings, some running shorts and top and some awesome hot pink Swiftwicks socks.  I love those socks, best running socks ever!!!

And instead of cake Jessica brought me......DONUTS!!!! She knows the way to my heart...or belly!!!

I also share a birthday with my co-worker, Ashlee she is the best!! She said I was her right arm, so I guess she is my left!!! And yeah she is just a young punk...so young she was my student when I was teaching!!!

The Hubs, me and another couple headed South on Friday to Tunica, MS to try our luck at the slots and card tables....more on that later!!!


Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Year to Remember

I hope you had a great Christmas and New Years! I know I sure did!  However, I am glad it is all over, not to sound to cliche!  I love Christmas decor, but I am always ready for it to all go back in the storage totes and be tucked away for another year! 

I was fortunate enough to take off work on Friday and Monday after Christmas, so I was off work for 6 days! Man it was nice too!! We didn't do much, I got the whole house cleaned, all of the kid's Christmas presents put away, all of our new clothes hung up, and cleaned out a few drawers that have been gathering some very precious junk, what you don't have one of those! 

Reflecting back on 2013, it has been a great year!  Some of our highlights:

Went to Las Vegas with Jessica and JT

Ran my second Half Marathon

Maddie learned to ride a bike
Carter killed his first deer
Bought a new RZR

Completed a Warrior Dash

Carter PR'ed his 5k by 5 minutes

Lots of Summer fun

Survived both of my kid's first slumber/sleep over parties

The sadness of death of a really good friend and explaining it to your kids

Photographing my first wedding
Country Wedding Venue Tompkinsville, KY
First time going back stage at a concert!

Seeing Disney on Ice

Running across the finishline with my BFF as she completes her first Full Marathon

Running 5ks with family and having family in attendance

I know there were more memorable moments of 2013, but these are just a few!!