Friday, August 19, 2011

Yummy In My Tummy!!!!

Every night this week, we have had some yummy watermelon that my Daddy raised in his garden!!!! I got one on Saturday and we are still eating on it!!! It is very delish and mouth watering!!! I will just let the pictures say the rest........

Carter with the 3 biggest ones!!

We have done lots of cruising this summer in the Model A. This car is so special to us and especially Chris. It was his Grandaddy's and he gave it to Chris. He has restored the car mostly by himself, with the help from some of his friends. He has replaced all the chrome, put on new whitewall tires, restored the rims to the original color and new seat covers. The only thing that has not been touched is the paint and for the most part it is in great condition to be 81 years old!!!!! And plus I think it adds character!!!!! His grandad is so proud that Chris takes interest in it and that he has done a lot of the work himself. You will usually find us cruising the county on a Saturday or Sunday evening it. And even more come Fall because you can't go to fast so these 90 degree afternoons ya get pretty sweaty!!!!

Can ya tell she is spoiled just a little!!!! Princess Maddie!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vicks Vapor Rub and Socks!!

Okay so I have had this cough for about 3 days now and nothing will kick it in the butt!!! So I had heard about rubbing Vicks Vapor Rub on your feet at bedtime and then putting socks on them. At this point I thought I would try anything!!!! After I had rubbed my gunk on my feet, I put on my socks and walked into the living room where Chris was and he was like what is that horrible smell!!! I told him what I had done and  he laughed hysterically at me. Well let me tell doesn't work!!!!! I woke myself up 2 different times coughing, but I WILL try it again tonight, but not so much for the coughing, but that vapor rub left my feet feeling sooooo soft. It is great for those little cracks you have in your heels and on the sides of your toes!!!!! You should try it, and any recommendations on coughing?? I am getting ready to resort to my grandpa Joe's, some honey and good ole whiskey!!!!!!