Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tunica, Mississippi

On Thursday afternoon, we headed South to Tunica, MS.  Tunica is a little town that is just about 15 miles south of Memphis.  We had never been before, so we were looking for a fun getaway!  Our birthdays are only 2 days apart, we always try to do a little something for our birthday since it is so close together.

We stayed at the GoldStrike.  It is an MGM resort and I highly recommend it!! The rooms were super nice, clean and the beds slept great!  While there I used the fitness center and it was top of the line with several different machines.  We ate at the Buffet and it was very good.  We had breakfast and brunch there and I cannot complain about anything!  My favorite on the buffet was the pizza.....OMG it was delish!!! And the ice cream!! I had a big strawberry sundae.  And I did a blogger fail...not one picture of any of that food!!!! I was too busy living in the moment!

The Resort we stayed in
Chris did really good on the tables! Normally your odds at winning aren't the best, but he came home with some "chips" in his pocket!!  He hit on 3 numbers on the roulette table and that was a pretty big win!  I pay the slots.  I played for about 9 hours on $20!! I am a VERY cheap gambler! I will not continue feeding the machines.  But I had fun and that is all that matters!!!

Some of his winnings!

Chris's chips at the roulette table!
On Friday night we drove back into Memphis to eat at Rendezvous!!! If you are ever in the area or reside close and haven't eaten are missing out!!! This is my third time eating there and it was no disappointment! It was delish!!! I had the dry rub chicken and Chris had the BBQ ribs!!! Man I wish I could have some right now!!

Chicken at Rendezvous!

Chris's Ribs
On Saturday we checked out of the hotel and checked out a few others there in the area, and we drove into Memphis to stay Saturday night there.......until my next post, more on Memphis!!!  However I do want to share some pictures that I got as we were coming into Memphis of the mighty Mississippi River!!!! I could look at her all day!

On the bank of the Mississippi


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Birthday Weekend

My birthday was January 11. I turned the big 3-5.  The only advantage to turning 35 is I am now out of Jessica's (bff) age group in running! I normally don't mind numbers but 35 is kind of different, it is really close to 40! And 40 will be here before I know it!

On Thursday, my Momma, Jessica, Katie, Teri, Erica, Ashlee, Summer all met at the Mexican Restaurant.  It was really good! I was treated with some really nice gifts! I received a Candleberry candle, some earrings, some running shorts and top and some awesome hot pink Swiftwicks socks.  I love those socks, best running socks ever!!!

And instead of cake Jessica brought me......DONUTS!!!! She knows the way to my heart...or belly!!!

I also share a birthday with my co-worker, Ashlee she is the best!! She said I was her right arm, so I guess she is my left!!! And yeah she is just a young young she was my student when I was teaching!!!

The Hubs, me and another couple headed South on Friday to Tunica, MS to try our luck at the slots and card tables....more on that later!!!


Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Year to Remember

I hope you had a great Christmas and New Years! I know I sure did!  However, I am glad it is all over, not to sound to cliche!  I love Christmas decor, but I am always ready for it to all go back in the storage totes and be tucked away for another year! 

I was fortunate enough to take off work on Friday and Monday after Christmas, so I was off work for 6 days! Man it was nice too!! We didn't do much, I got the whole house cleaned, all of the kid's Christmas presents put away, all of our new clothes hung up, and cleaned out a few drawers that have been gathering some very precious junk, what you don't have one of those! 

Reflecting back on 2013, it has been a great year!  Some of our highlights:

Went to Las Vegas with Jessica and JT

Ran my second Half Marathon

Maddie learned to ride a bike
Carter killed his first deer
Bought a new RZR

Completed a Warrior Dash

Carter PR'ed his 5k by 5 minutes

Lots of Summer fun

Survived both of my kid's first slumber/sleep over parties

The sadness of death of a really good friend and explaining it to your kids

Photographing my first wedding
Country Wedding Venue Tompkinsville, KY
First time going back stage at a concert!

Seeing Disney on Ice

Running across the finishline with my BFF as she completes her first Full Marathon

Running 5ks with family and having family in attendance

I know there were more memorable moments of 2013, but these are just a few!!