Friday, November 30, 2012

All I want for Christmas.....

While the kids are making their Christmas list, I thought I would make one as well.  Okay lets be honest here, I have always made a Christmas list. Just ask my Momma, I have always had a list and yes it is usually a mile long!!!  But hey I have always been easy to shop for because I will gladly tell you what I want.

So lets get right down to business, What I want for Christmas!!!!
Under Armour Running shirt

Under Armour Leggings

Mizuno Women's Wave Musha 4 Running Shoes
Mizuno Running Shoes

Womens DexterWomen's Kylie Wedge Pump
Brown wedge

                                                 Cute Clothes!!!!!

Some new home decor!!!! I am having my living room painted after the holidays and I am ready for a "new do"!!!! All of these pieces are from

So I guess that's all!!!!  My mom has given me some money to do some shopping so I am hoping to score some of these pretty little things!!!!


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lots of Random

I don't really have a lot going on right now.  In December...shew wee look out Lucy, it is cram packed!!! I have something going on every weekend and at least one event every week, sometimes 2. But I love it and wouldn't have it any other way! I cannot wait for my kids to be out of school!!! I am taking off work the 26th, 27th, 28th of December. So I will be off 10 days in a row!!! I will be CrAzy....and Chris will be off sure to check to the obits we might kill each other!!! LOL

I am almost finished with all my Christmas shopping. I have a few stocking stuffer gifts, candy to pick up, and my Daddy!!! He is the hardest person to buy for!!! He has everything, doesn't need any clothing.  He hunts and fishes but has all the gear to go with it!! What do you get the guy!? Suggestions please!!!!!

I can't wait to put my tree up this weekend!!! I am getting gitty to see all my ornaments!!  I forget from year to year what they all look like!

This weekend is a neighboring county's Christmas parade, and it is the largest parade in KY at night!  My Dad works for Coca-Cola (for 38 years) and always drives a truck in the parade, and so the kids get to ride in it and hand out the little cokes! They love it!

Jingle got all jacked-up on sugar and thought he needed to open all the cabinet doors in the kitchen!!!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pinterest Inspiration

What did we do without Pinterest!!!! I mean come on people, we get our recipes, decorating ideas, fashion tips, exercises, DIY projects, the list goes on and on from that site! I have to get on Pinterest daily or I feel like my day isn't complete.  Here lately my most favorite outfits have come from that little site!  I will also tell you something else on me, that I have printed off several of the outfits in color and got them hung in my closet so I can remember the "inspiration" I received from Pinterest!!! Now how lame is that!!! I love fashion, but have never been great at putting outfits together. So after I pin the designs I like, I then print them!!! 
Here is a Pinterest inspiration!!

Top - Old Navy
Black Skinnies - Rue 21
Brown Riding Boots - Peebles
Scarf - TJ Maxx

Pinterest has also given my many ideas for my Elf on the Shelf, I wonder what Jingle will be doing next !!!!!!
Here are a couple of sites from where I get some ideas from!!!

Happy Pinning!!!!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hello My Peeps!

Hello beautiful people! I hope each and every one of you had a very Thankful and Blessed Thanksgiving. I know I sure did.  However, my sister and her family was unable to attend because my niece had strep throat and was running a fever! But she is feeling much better now.  My mom and I did a little Black Friday shopping at Wal-Mart.  We went to a store that is in a smaller town and it wasn't as crazy as some of the larger ones!! I have been hearing stories of some stores having fights and people being arrested!! That is just nuts!!! I am happy to say we didn't get into any fights nor did we get arrested! I did score an Ipad 2!! Woot Woot!!! I am excited, but for some reason I have barely got to use it, I think I know why and their names are Chris, Carter and Maddie! :)

Maddie's tree, it looks like a Charlie Brown tree, but I promise it is the picture!!
I will take it another picture at a different angle. It is a 3ft primitive tree
I have got 2 of my Christmas trees up; the ones in Carter and Maddie's room.  They were so excited when I told them we could decorate. Hoping to get my tree up in the living room this weekend.

Carter's Tree
Also our little elf is back!! Jingle made his grand appearance on Monday he had toilet papered the Christmas trees!!! I will be sure and post all of his mischief he gets himself into!

We also was able to visit the jolly guy himself this weekend!!! The kids put their orders in on what they are wishing for this year!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Long Weekend!

What am I thankful for you ask, that I am off for 4 straight days!!! Woo Hoo!!!! No in all seriousness, I am so thankful and blessed in so many ways.  I have a great husband, two wonderful, healthy kids, very supportive parents, a very loving sister and a wonderful extended family. 
My Little Family of 4
The parentals, sister, brother-in-law and niece, last Christmas
I am very blessed and fortunate that I still have my Granny who is 85 years young, who drives, mows her yard and cooks a meal that could feed an army. She is the strongest person I know and I so hope that I am like her when I am that age.
Maddie and my Granny, can you not just feel the love
that they have for one another! My favorite photo!
Me and Granny
 I have the best friends a gal could ask for!! I know I am setting myself up for leaving someone out, but I gotta give some shout-outs to some of "my girls": Jessica, chick lets not even go there, we have been through it all, you are the jelly to my peanut butter!!!! Kim and Teresa- yall are the peas to my carrots!!! I have cried on yalls shoulders and yall have cried on mine and I wouldn't have it any other way! Erica and Ashlee, Lord knows we couldn't survive without each other on a daily basis!!! And all my extended crew, or as Kelle Hampton calls her girlfriends..the Net, I love you all, we have so much fun together and I can't wait till our annual Christmas Hoo-Rah!
Kim, me, Teresa - Love you all!!!
me and Jessica, cleaned up and not in running clothes!!!
 The CREW...Front- Jessica, Erica, me, Tera, Angie BACK Christie, Teresa,
 Lori, Kari, Kim & Kandis
me, Erica, Ashlee
I hope that each and every one of you have a very blessed Thanksgiving, and eat lots of Turkey, do lots of shopping, lots of watching TV!! I am thankful for my 4 days off!!!!!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thank You!

When I first started this little blog, it was mainly for me.  In order to keep a journal so to speak of our lives.  You know that special little event, that first.  You always think "I will never forget that, or I will always remember that date".  I thought the same thing to.  But I am the most forgetful person there ever was/is.  I make a grocery list and either forget the list at home or work or still forget an item on the list.

So with all that being said, I want to say a HUGE Thank you for all my readers and followers!!! I know my blog might not be as interesting as some, not near as fancy and my grammar, well I get finger fast with my typing, but I do so appreciate your comments and you following along with me!!!

I have "met" some really nice people:

Courtney, how cute is she, always so stylish, I always look forward to seeing her outfits and her boys, and she keeps me running!!!
Andrea, who always has the cutest outfits!!!
Christin, who always inspires me to want to beat that time even if just by 1 second, and I love seeing her Memphis photos.  Besides Vegas, Memphis is probably my favorite town!!! I love the atmosphere, Beal Street, visiting Sun Records and who doesn't love the King!!
Savannah, who is also an awesome runner, also a Bluegrass Girl and loves the KY Derby!!!!
Katie, who just ran an awesome Marathon and won Overall Female!!!! How totally cool is that!!!!!!
Janae, Oh how I love reading about her awesome runs, she is one badA$$ runner!!!! I just dream of being as fast as she is one day!! And Brooke, the cutest ever, and I would be lying if I didn't say I look forward to seeing what she has eaten!! ;)
Skinny Runner, Miss 30+ Marathons who is just flat out the BOMB of runners!!!! Who has killer calves and awesome Abs!! Not I am not stalking, just stating the facts people!

Okay not sure the last 3 read my little bitty blog here in KY, but I had to give them a shout out!!! Because they have helped, coached and inspired me in my running!! If I didn't mention you that does not mean at all that I don't love you dearly!!! I read each and every blog that I follow, yes it consumes a lot of time, but I love you all!!!! And I hope that I have said something or done something that will inspire you some day!!!

And I can't sign off without giving a Big Ole Shout-Out to Ashlee, (thought I forgot about you didn't ya Ash), she is a IRL friend, blogger, co-worker, yeah we sit about 3 feet from each other everyday,  however she is on vacation this week and I miss her terribly!!!

I can't say enough on much I appreciate you all, I hope you stick around for some real life adventures from this country girl, wanna be cook, runner and blogger.  Because I promise I am keeping it real!!!

Thanks so much!!!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Recap!

Not much happened in my little corner this weekend. Chris had to work all weekend, and we much pretty much laid back and took it easy.  My highlight of the weekend was I got my hair done. Got me a few highlights!

My highlights!

New dress I got at Old Navy, I love it!!!! I have got to get me a
floor length mirror!!!

Carter and I at his 3K run for Kids only, that he placed 5th overall out of 40
kids!!! He is in the 2nd grade and it went all the up to 5th graders!!
Talking about a super proud Mommy!!

Carter with his coach Lily!

Carter bottle feeding his calves! With is Turtle Man hat on!

I love footed (is that a wordLOL) pajamas!!!
Happy Monday to ya!!! And Happy Short Week!!!!!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Carter's First Buck

Carter is an outdoorsy kid. Anything that involves the great outdoors you better believe that Carter will be doing it.  He loves the farm life, anything to do with a cow, tractor, or any animal for that matter.  He loves nature; he explores the woods behind our house.  He loves to go hunting; any kind of hunting, coon hunting, deer hunting, etc. 
You can see some of his trophies behind him!

My Daddy has never smiled this much for pictures in his life!! ;)
This past weekend was opening day of Modern Gun Deer Season in KY.  My Dad is an avid hunter. He has "trophy room" in his house where an elk, Mule deer, White tail deer, salmon fish, antelope, many antlers and soon a Brown bear "reside" on the wall.  He takes his hunting serious.  He has deer cameras in the woods beside where he feeds the deer in order to see what has been coming to his corn pile.  On one of his cameras there was a 10 point buck!  HUGE!!!  So I figured that is where he would be going on opening morning, but much to my surprise he went to the woods behind our house just so that Carter could go with him.  Ya see Carter is the only boy on my side of the family other than the son-in-laws.  I have one sister and she has one daughter and then of course Maddie.  So to say that my Daddy is "Carter struck" is an understatement!
Carter stayed the night with my parents so that they could get up bright and early to go and kill that deer!!!

While on my way to Nashville to run my 10 mile race, my Mom called to say that Carter had killed his first deer!!! A 6 point buck!!! She said that Carter was over the moon with excitement!!! He said it was going on his wall in his bedroom.  I am not overly enthused but I guess I will allow since he already has a raccoon skin, fish and a bobcat, yes I said a bobcat. My Daddy killed it in Mississippi and Carter begged him to let him have it and of course Grandaddy did!!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Favorite Outfits

I have pinned a lot of outfits lately on Pinterest and trying to recreate them can be so much fun or if you don't have the item needed can be really depressing!! On Monday my office was closed due to Veteran's Day and I was able to go shopping! Woot Woot! So I picked up a few items to help put together my pins!!!
So far this is my favorite outfit!!! I am so proud of myself!! The Cardigan and top I bought on Monday.

Cardigan: Mustard in color - Old Navy
Top: Black/white stripe Gap
Leggings: Black Wal-Mart :)
Brown Boots: Peebles- BareTraps
After I got ready yesterday morning Carter just looked me up and down and said "I like that GET-UP Mom." I think that was a compliment!!!! And Maddie, my little fashion diva she loved it as a matter of fact she had to wear black leggings and her black boots to school!!!

But don't get me wrong I love me a good comfy work-out outfit too!!!  Like this one!!


Or this one from Old Navy!!! Even in work-out gear you can look very presentable in public and nice.

My favorite workout brand is Under Armour, but it can be a little pricey.  I like to find a good deal at TJ Maxx.  Also Old Navy and JCPenney has some nice workout clothes.

What is your favorite Pinterest inspired outfit or workout gear?