Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pinterest Inspiration

What did we do without Pinterest!!!! I mean come on people, we get our recipes, decorating ideas, fashion tips, exercises, DIY projects, the list goes on and on from that site! I have to get on Pinterest daily or I feel like my day isn't complete.  Here lately my most favorite outfits have come from that little site!  I will also tell you something else on me, that I have printed off several of the outfits in color and got them hung in my closet so I can remember the "inspiration" I received from Pinterest!!! Now how lame is that!!! I love fashion, but have never been great at putting outfits together. So after I pin the designs I like, I then print them!!! 
Here is a Pinterest inspiration!!

Top - Old Navy
Black Skinnies - Rue 21
Brown Riding Boots - Peebles
Scarf - TJ Maxx

Pinterest has also given my many ideas for my Elf on the Shelf, I wonder what Jingle will be doing next !!!!!!
Here are a couple of sites from where I get some ideas from!!!

Happy Pinning!!!!


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