Friday, November 30, 2012

All I want for Christmas.....

While the kids are making their Christmas list, I thought I would make one as well.  Okay lets be honest here, I have always made a Christmas list. Just ask my Momma, I have always had a list and yes it is usually a mile long!!!  But hey I have always been easy to shop for because I will gladly tell you what I want.

So lets get right down to business, What I want for Christmas!!!!
Under Armour Running shirt

Under Armour Leggings

Mizuno Women's Wave Musha 4 Running Shoes
Mizuno Running Shoes

Womens DexterWomen's Kylie Wedge Pump
Brown wedge

                                                 Cute Clothes!!!!!

Some new home decor!!!! I am having my living room painted after the holidays and I am ready for a "new do"!!!! All of these pieces are from

So I guess that's all!!!!  My mom has given me some money to do some shopping so I am hoping to score some of these pretty little things!!!!


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Courtney said...

Get those Mizuno's girl, they rock! I LOVE them. I went to Fleet Feet specifically to try Brooks but my guy asked me to try a Mizuno as well- I'm hooked:)