Friday, March 29, 2013

In our Part of the Country

I have been absent from blogging the last week.  I haven't had much time to take any pictures, nothing really exciting to write about.  And to be honest I can't really remember, if I have posted on this.  So with that said, if you have read about this before then you it is your lucky day, you are going to get to read about it again!! LOL

Katie over at From Ice Cream to Marathon wrote a post yesterday about snakes and it gave me an idea to write about my first and hopefully last encounter with Rattlesnakes!! In the county in which I live in South Central KY, there is one area known as the "ridge" that is rattlesnake haven! In the middle of July and August you can about go anywhere and see one.  Mostly at night when the ground is cooler and it is dark.  Very seldom do you travel the road to the Ridge and not see one dead in the road.

However one day Chris, Carter and I and one other Ranger was riding on the Ridge, when I looked down a path that we were fixing to turn on and saw something standing up in the dirt road.  I asked Chris what that was and he said I don't know.  We slowed down and got a little closer and then they started flopping around.  It was RATTLESNAKES about 5-6 feet long!!!  So we have been told is that they were mating.  That is what some veteran, life-long Ridgers told us! We watched them from a distance for about 15 minutes.  Chris and Dan got a little closer than Carter and me! I wanted no part of them!!!  Dan got a little video that was posted on Youtube, check it out.  I will warn you it is not G rated, more like PG13, due to Language! 

Our video went viral in our little county, after that we started a trend and everyone wanted to go snake hunting.  Lots of lifelong residents in that area said they have never seen this before and that we were so lucky.  I say we were blessed to get out of there alive!!!! You will know why once you watch the video, be sure and turn your volume up!

See sneaky there in the brush......yeah that is what I standing beside!!! I was on the Ranger when I took this picture, leaning out and zoomed in, I was not this close when this picture was taken, but I standing about at the edge of this picture in the bottom right hand corner!!!

All in All I love our county and wouldn't trade it for anything else, just don't out on the Ridge at night!!! :)


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Around Our Neck of the Woods

We have been so busy in "our neck of the woods", if you have never heard that saying before it is a Southern "thang"!! Also meaning in our lives, around the area in which we live! 

Last week I was able to get my Living Room painted. I have been wanting to get this done for 2 years now and the stars finally aligned and it got done!  It was Muffin Tan, a very light tan to begin with.  And I (I say I, I hired it done) painted it Creme` Liqueor by Pratt and Lambert.  I wanted to go a little darker due to having a very large picture window in the living room.  I have medium colored hardwood flooring and white trim.  The white trim looks really good next to the darker walls and the white brings out a brightness too, if that makes sense.  These pictures are from my Blackberry, so not the best of quality.  I took some pics with my Nikon as well and there wasn't much difference since I was just taking pictures of a wall!

This is before, like I said kind of hard to tell the difference

This is more of the natural color.  I did have my living room decorated
with Primitive things, done with it, bored with it, I have 2 prints picked out
at Kirkland's that I am wanting.  Not sure if this decor will stick around that is here
now.  I know the table, lamp and shelf will, not sure of the rest.  I will have to
find some things to place on my shelf.  I am not going to get in any hurry, I will
know it when I see it!

This is going into Carter's room

The kids got some baby chicks the other day at the feed store.  When I got to my Mom's to pick them up they had them in the floor.  A towel was underneath them! but they had my old Fisher Price barn and fence around them like they were herding them.  I have to say it was pretty cute...but only at Nana's

This chicky had escaped!!
I cannot wait for Easter, I always love getting the kids dressed up in their new attire.  I am especially excited about Maddie's dress, I will give you a hint, it is a salmon/pinky color with smocking!!!  Also our annual Easter Egg hunt at my Mom and Dad's house for all the little cousins, church kids and our kid's friends! It gets bigger every year.  However I realize that it will soon start getting smaller, Carter and Riley will soon think they are too big to do things like hunt eggs :( boo!
Maddie at the hunt last year!


Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Friday Folks!!!

The weekend is finally here!!! Just wished it was going to be warm like last weekend, Come on SPRING!! I am longing for your 60 degree days!! A few of my highlights of the week!

1. My Mom gets Carter chicks every spring and it is really cold here right now and they cannot survive in the garage even with a heat lamp. So Mom put them in a tote to keep in the utility room, but she walked into her den to find Carter with my old Fisher Price barn and fence "herding" the chicks!!

2. These came in the mail yesterday.. SCORE 2 free pair of panties!! I order under my name and Chris's to get double the coupons!!! Woot Woot

3. My Living is being painted and I am beyond excited. It was last painted in 2001...I think it is due a spruce up!!! Plus I love the smell of fresh paint, makes everything smell clean!  Plus it caused me to do some deep cleaning of baseboards, wash all trim in order to be painted and wash curtains!!! Orignal color Muffin Tan, new color Creme Liqueor, pictures next week after I get it all back together, with my camera instead of my phone!

4. This always makes for a good morning!

5. Hoping to do a little of this, this weekend!!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wordy Wednesday!

Usually I will do a Wordless Wednesday, but today I feel like being "Wordy"!!!

After a 3 mile run yesterday on my lunch hour, Jessica had a treat for us both!!! Glazed donuts
from a bakery called the Best Donut....and it is!!!! According to My Fitenss Pal, this donut only has 230 calories.....I burned 302 running, so it was a free donut!!!!! 

I posted this picture to Instagram and I didn't realize how dark the filter I edited with was.Ashlee posted a comment that I loved!..."Oh you look so tan today! Is that a new Instagram filter you're wearing!"
Doing the Hump...Happy Hump Day!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


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Monday, March 18, 2013

Good Morning!

Happy Monday to you!!!! Here in the Bluegrass state it is raining cats and dogs! Today would  have been an awesome day to been able to laid in bed all day; it is raining, occasional rumble of thunder and very dark outside!  But laying in bed doesn't pay the bills!
The weekend was a good one!  Saturday finished up Carter's Little League games.  His team lost the first game so they were elimated from the tournament, but they played an awesome game.  Came back from a 7 point deficit (huge number in Little League). Got within 2 points but couldn't get the balls to drop.  We lost 18-20.  However I am super proud of Carter he scored 9 points!!! A friend was there taking some really good pictures and she said she would send me some, so I will share when she shares! :)

Carter and his Coach, receiving his trophy
After the game we came home and rode Carter's RZR!!! We had so much fun.  It was 74 degrees...PERFECT!!!! Then Sunday was cold and gloomy..BOO!! Come back sunshine, you teased me!!!
Making silly faces!!

Love these Kiddos!

Having Fun!
 Happy Monday to you!!!

Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER!!!!!!!!! Here is a link to a post that I wrote about her 2 years ago!!! Click here

Friday, March 15, 2013

Hi Five for Friday

Hi Five for this Week!!

 1. New Mizuno Wave Precision 13s!!!! Can't wait to put some miles on these babies

2. Feeding Carter's calf this morning. It was 6:00am, I was still half way asleep, he sucked the top off, spilled milk, he was sucking the nipple like a passy, when I bent over to get it he head butted me!! It was a nice wake-up!!! But wouldn't change a thing!! 
3. This was from last week, but never did post on it....George Strait in concert!! He played for 2.5 hours!!!! Not usually a big country fan, but can't go wrong with George!
4.  Can't wait to get a mani this weekend!! Went last night and there was an hour wait! Hopefully at opening time in the morning Maddie and I can get in and out!



Thursday, March 14, 2013


In honor of my Sister's upcoming Birthday, I won't reveal her age, but she is knocking on the big one's door!!!!  Here are a few of her Throw Back Thursday Pictures!!!

Susan around 12 months

around 6 years old

One of my favorites of us...apparently I wasn't doing as she wishes I would!! LOL


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

So What Wednesday....

So I have been MIA for a few days, sorry, it is has been kind of crazy here on my end.  Today I am going to do a little something different.  One of my blogs does a "so what if...." post, it is kind of like a confession!!

So What If......

I bought a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs and hid them from the husband and kids.
I can't stand if my laundry basket gets half way full....dirty clothes drives me nuts.
I run my vehicle on "e" a lot.
I will be paying my lunch in change today.
I got a new pair of running shoes..hence the reason I will paying for my lunch in change.
I can go 3 days sometimes 4 without washing my hair, without no one noticing, oops I guess I just let the cat out of the bag.....Dry Shampoo Ladies!
I am very anal on shaving my legs, I do it everyday!
I brush Maddie's American Girl Doll's hair every other day. 

Guess that about does it!!!  Maybe next week I will have a longer list!!! I think I am really going to like this "confession"!!!

So What Wednesday


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Throw Back Thursday

It only seems like yesterday, and it was only yesterday, but is a little of yester-year of Maddie!!!!

OKAY LAST ONE... yes I am slightly obsessed

maybe just one more!!!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday

This is a picture of my friend that gained her Wings on Monday night. She was Maddie's Sunday School teacher and this was at VBS.  You can see and feel the excitement in this picture!! Really no words describe it!!!  They are singing "Sock it to the Devil"!!!

This picture was posted on my Facebook and I want to share the comment that she wrote about this picture:
A person commented: You aren't getting paid enough!! LOL!

She replied back: From the look on my face, I think I have "lost it." This must have been the last session. No, just kidding...these kiddos are sooooo much fun and the pay is definitely worth it. Just getting the reaction like in this pic is worth a million. We had lots of people just peeking in from the hallway to witness our ACTION PACKED class!

So you can see she loved her kiddos and they LOVED her!!!

Watch over us Bear!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Heavy Heart

Today I have a very heavy heart.  A good friend passed away last night unexpectedly.  I grew up with her in church, went to high school with her, rode to school with her, she was a neighbor, and now she is Maddie's Sunday School teacher.  She was always smiling.  Always had something to say. Always kind.  Always laughing.  You get the point, just an all around good person, that will be missed in our community a great deal.  Last night on facebook almost every other status was asking for prayers for her and her family.  She made an impact on everyone she met.  She leaves behind a very large family.  But the ones I am most concerned about are her nephews.  She loved them like nobody's business.  She was the model Aunt.  In high school she played basketball and I might say one hell of a player. She could nail a 3 where it was nothing but net!  The coach had a nickname for everyone and she was B-Bear.  And it stuck, on occasion I still called her Bear.  About a month ago as we were leaving church I overheard her mother say "you ready Bear" and that put a huge smile on my face.

Watch over us Bear, I know you have just lit Heaven up with that infectious smile of yours! Love ya!

graduation at VBS....Cade, Connor, Maddie, Abby, and Ms. Anna

These are from VBS, she loved her kids and they LOVED her!!!!