Thursday, March 28, 2013

Around Our Neck of the Woods

We have been so busy in "our neck of the woods", if you have never heard that saying before it is a Southern "thang"!! Also meaning in our lives, around the area in which we live! 

Last week I was able to get my Living Room painted. I have been wanting to get this done for 2 years now and the stars finally aligned and it got done!  It was Muffin Tan, a very light tan to begin with.  And I (I say I, I hired it done) painted it Creme` Liqueor by Pratt and Lambert.  I wanted to go a little darker due to having a very large picture window in the living room.  I have medium colored hardwood flooring and white trim.  The white trim looks really good next to the darker walls and the white brings out a brightness too, if that makes sense.  These pictures are from my Blackberry, so not the best of quality.  I took some pics with my Nikon as well and there wasn't much difference since I was just taking pictures of a wall!

This is before, like I said kind of hard to tell the difference

This is more of the natural color.  I did have my living room decorated
with Primitive things, done with it, bored with it, I have 2 prints picked out
at Kirkland's that I am wanting.  Not sure if this decor will stick around that is here
now.  I know the table, lamp and shelf will, not sure of the rest.  I will have to
find some things to place on my shelf.  I am not going to get in any hurry, I will
know it when I see it!

This is going into Carter's room

The kids got some baby chicks the other day at the feed store.  When I got to my Mom's to pick them up they had them in the floor.  A towel was underneath them! but they had my old Fisher Price barn and fence around them like they were herding them.  I have to say it was pretty cute...but only at Nana's

This chicky had escaped!!
I cannot wait for Easter, I always love getting the kids dressed up in their new attire.  I am especially excited about Maddie's dress, I will give you a hint, it is a salmon/pinky color with smocking!!!  Also our annual Easter Egg hunt at my Mom and Dad's house for all the little cousins, church kids and our kid's friends! It gets bigger every year.  However I realize that it will soon start getting smaller, Carter and Riley will soon think they are too big to do things like hunt eggs :( boo!
Maddie at the hunt last year!



Ashlee :) said...

Lovin' the new paint color! Looks good! Can't wait to see the pics of the kids hunting!! I'm sure Carter will probably find the prize egg or win most eggs!!

Courtney said...

Looks great! Sounds like your Easter will be so fun, I sure miss spending it with family but we have wonderful friends to share it with:)