Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday

This is a picture of my friend that gained her Wings on Monday night. She was Maddie's Sunday School teacher and this was at VBS.  You can see and feel the excitement in this picture!! Really no words describe it!!!  They are singing "Sock it to the Devil"!!!

This picture was posted on my Facebook and I want to share the comment that she wrote about this picture:
A person commented: You aren't getting paid enough!! LOL!

She replied back: From the look on my face, I think I have "lost it." This must have been the last session. No, just kidding...these kiddos are sooooo much fun and the pay is definitely worth it. Just getting the reaction like in this pic is worth a million. We had lots of people just peeking in from the hallway to witness our ACTION PACKED class!

So you can see she loved her kiddos and they LOVED her!!!

Watch over us Bear!


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