Friday, March 1, 2013


Carter loves his new bunk beds! He has slept every night on the top bunk with the exception of one since he got them.  Maddie has been sleeping on the bottom bunk.  She said she likes being close to her big brother!! How sweet!!!

I thought about picking up his room before I made the picture, but then
I thought nah, just keeping it real, what 8 year old little boy has a clean room
on a daily basis!!!!  Check out all those medals hanging, those are 5K medals
for all the races he has placed in.  Bambi on the wall, he killed it this year all by himself!

Beds bought at Ashley Furniture. They are black and Stainless Steel
in color.  They are very sturdy and durable.  I am going to get a
blanket quilted for a bedspread, since a comforter will be too thick
to be tucked in around it.

The new shelf that I bought.  It has some of his favorite pictures on it:
when he caught his 2 fish that are hanging on the wall, Dr Seuss book
collection, cow piggy bank, collectible Kubota Tractor, signed autograph of
John Cena, and 2 little statues that were Chris's, the Denim Dayz collection
from Home Interior, does anyone remember them??

Have a good weekend!!! Full recap of this man on Monday!!!


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Meg {henninglove} said...

my sister and i had bunk beds when we were younger and it was so fun to have in our room! that is so sweet your daughter likes being closer to her brother