Friday, March 29, 2013

In our Part of the Country

I have been absent from blogging the last week.  I haven't had much time to take any pictures, nothing really exciting to write about.  And to be honest I can't really remember, if I have posted on this.  So with that said, if you have read about this before then you it is your lucky day, you are going to get to read about it again!! LOL

Katie over at From Ice Cream to Marathon wrote a post yesterday about snakes and it gave me an idea to write about my first and hopefully last encounter with Rattlesnakes!! In the county in which I live in South Central KY, there is one area known as the "ridge" that is rattlesnake haven! In the middle of July and August you can about go anywhere and see one.  Mostly at night when the ground is cooler and it is dark.  Very seldom do you travel the road to the Ridge and not see one dead in the road.

However one day Chris, Carter and I and one other Ranger was riding on the Ridge, when I looked down a path that we were fixing to turn on and saw something standing up in the dirt road.  I asked Chris what that was and he said I don't know.  We slowed down and got a little closer and then they started flopping around.  It was RATTLESNAKES about 5-6 feet long!!!  So we have been told is that they were mating.  That is what some veteran, life-long Ridgers told us! We watched them from a distance for about 15 minutes.  Chris and Dan got a little closer than Carter and me! I wanted no part of them!!!  Dan got a little video that was posted on Youtube, check it out.  I will warn you it is not G rated, more like PG13, due to Language! 

Our video went viral in our little county, after that we started a trend and everyone wanted to go snake hunting.  Lots of lifelong residents in that area said they have never seen this before and that we were so lucky.  I say we were blessed to get out of there alive!!!! You will know why once you watch the video, be sure and turn your volume up!

See sneaky there in the brush......yeah that is what I standing beside!!! I was on the Ranger when I took this picture, leaning out and zoomed in, I was not this close when this picture was taken, but I standing about at the edge of this picture in the bottom right hand corner!!!

All in All I love our county and wouldn't trade it for anything else, just don't out on the Ridge at night!!! :)


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icecreamtomarathon said...

Oh. My. Gosh.
That is cuhrazee!!! Ok, I've never seen snakes mating before!! I jumped out of my chair when you screamed! Lol! Oh, I would've just died right there!! I didn't know their rattle was so loud either! Wow, that's so crazy!!