Thursday, February 28, 2013

Downhill From Here and Almost Famous

Is it Friday yet!!! This has been on crazy busy week!  Monday afternoons is gymnastic day for Maddie, Tuesday afternoon I went to a kids consignment sale, Wednesday afternoon, had to get the roots did (get rid of the greys) and the series premiere of Duck Dynasty, Thursdays is always busy helping Carter study for his weekly tests, Friday I don't think we have anything other than packing for a weekend trip for Chris and I.  We are going to Lexington, KY to a concert the fair well tour of King George, George Strait that is!! I am not much on country at all, at least country that is really slow. I do love me some Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Trace Adkins,  however I have always liked George!  Plus a friend asked us to go so it will be a fun weekend for just Chris and I. Martina McBride is with him and I do really like her!!!

On Tuesday coming home from the consignment sale, I hit something in the road and tore a piece of molding off my SUV. I was so sick!!! Like I vomited in the driveway sick!! But all is well, went by the dealership and they are ordering the part that is going to cost only $160, I say only because I was expecting around $500!!

And the highlight of my week is my Almost Celebrity status!!! Check out, I am faithful reader of Skinny Runner. She is a super fast, motivated runner. Maybe just maybe I will be as fast as her someday. She has ran a ton of marathons.  This past weekend she ran a Marathon on Saturday, that is 26.2 miles and then on Sunday she ran a Half 13.1, now what about that JACK!!!!! She makes me very HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!!

Happy Friday Eve!!!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I love some TJ Maxx!!! I scored big time the last time I was there and today I broke out the new outfit!! It might be a little springy, but the sun was shining this morning and it is 58 here in KY so I could not help myself!!!! The top is navy and white striped and the scarf is pink and mint green with pink skinnies.

My wedges are taupe and are from Target, and I love them however they are very tight across the top of my foot. Like so tight they could not be worn if I  had to walk any distance at all!! Ay suggestions???

This beautiful weather also brought out the shorts!! I did a nice and easy 4 mile run today on my lunch hour! The wind was just a tad brisk but over all it was a great easy run!


Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Review

The weekend was a laid back, low-key one! Which I so enjoy on occasion! Friday night we did NOTHING!!! It was so nice to not have anything going on.  Saturday we got up and got to moving pretty early. 
Maddie and I went for a manicure first thing so we wouldn't have to wait.  Carter had a basketball game at 1:00.  Chris skipped out on his game so he could run to Ashley Furniture and pick up his new bunk beds!  After the game Carter was so excited to get  home to see his new beds!!! They are full on the bottom and twin on the top.  Of course he wanted to sleep on them that night,  I didn't have any full size sheets other than pink polka-dots.  You know how well that went over!! So what does Super Mom do, makes a flying trip to Wal-Mart to get some boy sheets! While I was there I got a bookcase that he had been needing for quite some time.  I didn't want to spend to much money on it, so this serves the purpose just fine.  And guess what, not one single picture!!! Promise I will post some tomorrow!!!

I found some material while at Wal-Mart to get quilted so I can have him a quilt made for the beds.  I want a quilted comforter instead of a regular comforter.

The past 2 nights Carter has slept on the top bunk and Maddie on the bottom, it is the cutest thing ever!

My Daddy finished Maddie's bunkbeds for her babies! Is it not the cutest thing!! She has played with it all weekend!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Play Room / Extra Bedroom

So you remember the post about the Toy Room Upchuck....well we have finally got it all cleaned up and rearranged!!! It seems like it is so much more functional and the kids have actually played in it since we cleaned it out! Especially Maddie, she has played with her Little People doll house and the chalk board.  I am so glad that we did this!
The rocking chair is a very special piece of furniture.  It was Chris' grandmother's chair that she was rocked in!!! If she were still with us she would be 85 years old. She was rocked in it, Chris's dad, Chris, Carter and Maddie has all been cradled in it with their butts patted!! Very Special.  Beside the chair you can see a corner of a trunk, it was my great grandfathers.  In it is some special blankets/quilits, my baby blanket, the kid's that they were brought home in from the hospital, some of our wedding memorbilia etc.  The dresser is also an antique.  It needs to be  refinished on the top but yet I still think it is a very pretty piece of furniture.

Up next is the Excercise Room!! It is almost finished, and I can't wait for you to see it!!!

Happy Friday, suppose to be a nice weekend, get out and enjoy it.  Go for a walk or run!!!!!! Good luck to my running buddies this weekend in their first 5k of the year; I am not going, Carter has a ball game and he only has 3 left, there will be more races, there will not be many more ball games at this age while they are fun!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


I can't let Thursday go by without doing a little we are going back to 1991 to my 8th grade year.  A proud cheerleader for the BlueJays!!!!
E-E-S we are the best Hey! E-E-S we are the best!!!
Shew-weeeee them wings on my head are going to sprout and fly!!!!!


My Camera's Blankie

3 easy miles on the track at the high school.
rode stationary bike for 3 miles

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love my camera.  I baby it like it is a newborn!  I usually pack my camera bag if we are going somewhere and it is always in the way and Chris is usually fussing about all the stuff I have to pack along.  There is some places that I hate packing my bag too.  Especially ball games, Maddie's dance recitals places like that where I usually have my hands full of other things. 

I am an avid reader of Enjoying the Small Things and she recently had a post of a sponsor that made camera holder/cases. The etsy store is called Pamperedpaparazzi. These little bags are the neatest things. They are really thick neoprene cases.  She has camera bags and lens cases as well.  They come in an assortment of colors.  I ordered mine in purple and I love it!!! They do not have a strap but you use your strap from your camera as the strap!  I can't wait for my case to make it's public debut.

So go over to Pamperedpaparazzi and take a look to see what all she has to offer and tell'er I sent ya!!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Some New Bling Bling

I think that I am going to start posting my mileage that I run the day before and even if I don't have a post I will post it for me so some days it may only be my miles and or other strength training that I have done.
4 miles - hilly and windy
3 sets of 20 on the ab lounger
2 miles on the stationary bike
3 sets of 12 bicep curls with 7.5lbs

Now on to more important stuff.........

Check out my new Bling Bling for my vehicle!!! I had looked and looked for a new license plate and could not find anything that I liked or anything that really represented me.  I like sports teams but none that I am just hard core-diehard fans of; and then I saw a plate similar to this one on the Internet.  I searched etsy and really couldn't find any that I liked either. I came across one etsy store that had some plates that were cute and very reasonably priced, so I messaged Andrea at Pinkydotgifts, and let me tell she is nothing short of amazing!!  I told her exactly what I wanted not once but twice and she designed them both for me.  The first plate I asked her to design was just as I had described to her, but I didn't like it once I actually saw it.  It was too busy for me. So I sent her my second design and she did it perfect!!!  I ordered and it was in my mailbox in two days!!!

Got any gift needs or that something special that you would like to have, whether it be a license plate, glass, flower pot, or Easter bucket, Pinkydotgifts can customize it for you.  If you don't see it in her etsy store, message her and she may be able to create it for you!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Long Weekend!

Well Hello Monday!
This was a three day weekend for me, since I was off on Friday.  I got so much accomplished at home. I cleaned from top to bottom.  I dusted, mopped, shined the hardwood, did laundry, washed baseboards!!! There wasn't one dirty piece of clothes in the house.  Then you know how it goes, everyone comes home, changes clothes, tracks dirt and dirties dishes.  Clean house?  What clean house?  Oh well I did enjoy it for about 2 hours!!

My weekend was a pretty good one, very laid back and we needed that. Chris, Carter, my Daddy and Chris' daddy went to the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville this weekend.  Carter loves to go.  He always has to get a new cow stick (to herd cattle with) and he did!  My Mom, Maddie and I went shopping!  And it did not disappoint.  I found so many cute things that I wanted, that the wallet wouldn't let them all happen.  I did get a very cute outfit at Target, and very cute pair of wedges that is for this spring and summer.  TJ Maxx did not disappoint either!! ;)

Maddie got a very cute pair of shoes that are the generic Toms that are glittery silver!  She is so in love!  We were both trying them on at the same time and I told her that I may not be able to afford for both of us to be in style and she very simply said, I guess you will have to put yours back on the shelf!  God love her!!!  She also picked out a cute Hello Kitty outfit out at Dillards, picture to come tomorrow!!

Maddie, McKenna and I before church!!

I hope you have a good week!!! Hopefully I will have an update on the Toy Room and Exercise Room, it is almost complete!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Off today

Hello lovely readers! I am off work today and I have cleaned like nobodies business. Keeping this short and sweet today due to I am doing this on the IPad and I can't type for nothing on it!!! So excuse  this misspelled words and crazy symbols!  Have a good weekend!!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

TBT / Valentines

Happy Valentines Day!!!! Valentines day is fun for the kids, and their parties at school.  Personally I think it is a money scheme!!! I would be lying if I sat here and said I don't love to get flowers, what girl doesn't, but if you want to spend $50 on me, hand it over, a new outfit will last a lot longer than a dozen of roses!!!!  I may or may not get a card or a present this afternoon, and if I don't I will not think it is the end of the world.  Chris shows his love for me everyday.  He will buy me gift unexpectedly on occasion and I like those gifts better because I know that he wanted to buy that for me not because it was a holiday and he HAD too.  I did make him a cute little candy gram!! I think he will super surprised!  I am sure we will go out and eat this weekend so that is good enough for me!!! No big plans tonight, it will be like any other homework, supper, run on treadmill, baths, bed!! LOL

So here is my Valentine...taking it back to 1997, my Senior Prom!!!!! Chris and I when he lots more hair!!! haha Love ya Babe!

okay so with all my huffing and puffing about flowers, I come back to the office
from lunch and what is sitting on my desk...yes a dozen roses!!! 2nd time in the 15  years we have been together!!!!!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday

No doubt in mind that my girl will be a cheerleader, gymnast or dancer, or all 3!!!! She loves it!!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Toy Room Upchuck!!!

Our basement is finished. We have a den, bar area, bathroom, spare bedroom and a toy/bed room.  The toy room will eventually be one of the kid's bedroom when they get older, or at least I assume they will want to move downstairs for a little more freedom and privacy.  However right now it is a toy room and it looks like it took one huge upchuck!!!! There is crap everywhere, and that is exactly what it is CRAP!!! There is toys that haven't been played with in ever and stuff everywhere.  The only time the kids go downstairs is when we are down there.  I would not care one bit if they went down there on a daily basis and played, but they don't. 

So we are on a mission to clean up this room and get more use out of it!  The toy room is going to become a spare bedroom / toy room all in one.  We are throwing some stuff out!!!! And the spare bedroom is going to become my exercise room!!!!!!!

So here is a glimpse of the Upchuck Toy Room!!!!


Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Post!!!!

We had a great weekend!!!! Friday night consisted of getting our taxes prepared, which I was very pleased with, now just ready for the refund. However they can't be actually filed until the middle of February and we won't received the refund until the middle to the end of March.  Uncle Sam wants his money pronto, but takes his own precious time when it comes to giving us our money!!! But I am not complaining at least we aren't having to pay in!

Saturday Carter had a ball game and his team won!!!! 10-2, he scored 6 points!! I am so proud of him!
What a VIEW!!!!!!
After the ball game we went riding!! It was such a perfect day! We rode at Jessica and JT's house and it is so pretty due to most of their land is on the Green River, here is a little recap of our day!!! If you follow me on IG you probably have already seen some of these!

Carter got to drive Troy's RZR and he was in Heaven!!!

Kari, Jessica and I!
Boys will be boys!!!! They couldn't resist getting in the mud!
Chris and I, with my Dora lunchbox that holds our snacks!! Everyone
makes fun of me!!!!
The River
After riding we went home and Kruz stayed the night with us!! Carter was thrilled for him to stay as I was too, he was so good and they had a big time playing!!!

Building a farm!!!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

ThrowBackThursday (TBT)

Hello Little Friday!!!!! Can you smell the weekend? I know I can! This week has about killed me! To start the week off we had calves to get out as you might recall.  Anyway I ran with my muck boots on with no socks and have two yucky blisters on my heels!!! Which means no running!!!!!! URGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maddie had gymnastics Monday afternoon, Carter had basketball practice Tuesday afternoon, and Maddie had dance Wednesday afternoon, shew I am tired! However I will cherish these moments, for I know that they will not last forever.

But on the upside of things, this weekend is supposed to be BUU TEE FULL!!!!! I cannot wait!!!!!

So on to TBT.....circa May 1997 Senior year....Peg Bundy tight jeans...up to your armpits....probably a horseshoe ring.....i am sure my watch was a Mickey Mouse....and crop Top......... My mama is probably biting nails right now thinking how dare you make fun of these pictures by saying "do you know how much I paid for those senior pictures"!!!!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Manic Monday

My Monday started out really crappy!!!  I was getting ready and Carter came into my room saying that we had a calf out!  So I went to check and sure enough there he stood in the middle of the back yard.  So I threw on some old pants, shirt and slipped my muck boots on. Told Carter to put on some clothes that we had to try and get this calf up.  We tried herding him in the barn and no such luck.  He then came around the barn like a bullett and through the yard, down the road he went!! So here goes me and Carter after him.  Remember I have on muck boots, that are heavy and it is about 25 degrees. 

The calf runs into my parents side yard then turns and goes back up the road.  I get back to the house and my feet are killing me. It is then I realize I have on no socks and I have 2 huge blisters on my heels that feel like a I have knife stabbing me!

Ended up having to call Chris to come home from work to help us get the calf in, luckily he wasn't ill.  Called my Mama to come and take kids to school so they wouldn't be late.  And I was only about 5 minutes late for work.  However it was a no make-up kind of day!!

But the day ended very well! Jessica and I got registered for the Derby Half Marathon!!

Cannot wait to run this race!!  The KY Derby is one of the Greatest Sports in all of Sports, and we are so lucky that it is in our back door!! We are spending the night in Louisville on Friday night at the Hyatt and will run the race on Saturday!

Yesterday was also a score because we got our Derby Tickets!!!  We are usually having to wheel and deal to find some and have to pay a large sum of money but this year, we had some connections.  Can't wait to here that bugle sound!

Jessica and Calvin Borrell

This was the first year and we won big!!

The ended so good...Maddie started a new gymnastics class. She is right there on her back walk over and cart wheel. So we thought having one class that is just gymnastics is what she needed, and on the first night she got her back bend kick over!!!! Talking about one proud mama!!!!!!! And all I have is video and no pictures!!! But I will make sure I get some!