Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I love some TJ Maxx!!! I scored big time the last time I was there and today I broke out the new outfit!! It might be a little springy, but the sun was shining this morning and it is 58 here in KY so I could not help myself!!!! The top is navy and white striped and the scarf is pink and mint green with pink skinnies.

My wedges are taupe and are from Target, and I love them however they are very tight across the top of my foot. Like so tight they could not be worn if I  had to walk any distance at all!! Ay suggestions???

This beautiful weather also brought out the shorts!! I did a nice and easy 4 mile run today on my lunch hour! The wind was just a tad brisk but over all it was a great easy run!


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Courtney said...

Gorgeous outfit Kelly! Love it!