Friday, February 22, 2013

Play Room / Extra Bedroom

So you remember the post about the Toy Room Upchuck....well we have finally got it all cleaned up and rearranged!!! It seems like it is so much more functional and the kids have actually played in it since we cleaned it out! Especially Maddie, she has played with her Little People doll house and the chalk board.  I am so glad that we did this!
The rocking chair is a very special piece of furniture.  It was Chris' grandmother's chair that she was rocked in!!! If she were still with us she would be 85 years old. She was rocked in it, Chris's dad, Chris, Carter and Maddie has all been cradled in it with their butts patted!! Very Special.  Beside the chair you can see a corner of a trunk, it was my great grandfathers.  In it is some special blankets/quilits, my baby blanket, the kid's that they were brought home in from the hospital, some of our wedding memorbilia etc.  The dresser is also an antique.  It needs to be  refinished on the top but yet I still think it is a very pretty piece of furniture.

Up next is the Excercise Room!! It is almost finished, and I can't wait for you to see it!!!

Happy Friday, suppose to be a nice weekend, get out and enjoy it.  Go for a walk or run!!!!!! Good luck to my running buddies this weekend in their first 5k of the year; I am not going, Carter has a ball game and he only has 3 left, there will be more races, there will not be many more ball games at this age while they are fun!

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