Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Manic Monday

My Monday started out really crappy!!!  I was getting ready and Carter came into my room saying that we had a calf out!  So I went to check and sure enough there he stood in the middle of the back yard.  So I threw on some old pants, shirt and slipped my muck boots on. Told Carter to put on some clothes that we had to try and get this calf up.  We tried herding him in the barn and no such luck.  He then came around the barn like a bullett and through the yard, down the road he went!! So here goes me and Carter after him.  Remember I have on muck boots, that are heavy and it is about 25 degrees. 

The calf runs into my parents side yard then turns and goes back up the road.  I get back to the house and my feet are killing me. It is then I realize I have on no socks and I have 2 huge blisters on my heels that feel like a I have knife stabbing me!

Ended up having to call Chris to come home from work to help us get the calf in, luckily he wasn't ill.  Called my Mama to come and take kids to school so they wouldn't be late.  And I was only about 5 minutes late for work.  However it was a no make-up kind of day!!

But the day ended very well! Jessica and I got registered for the Derby Half Marathon!!

Cannot wait to run this race!!  The KY Derby is one of the Greatest Sports in all of Sports, and we are so lucky that it is in our back door!! We are spending the night in Louisville on Friday night at the Hyatt and will run the race on Saturday!

Yesterday was also a score because we got our Derby Tickets!!!  We are usually having to wheel and deal to find some and have to pay a large sum of money but this year, we had some connections.  Can't wait to here that bugle sound!

Jessica and Calvin Borrell

This was the first year and we won big!!

The ended so good...Maddie started a new gymnastics class. She is right there on her back walk over and cart wheel. So we thought having one class that is just gymnastics is what she needed, and on the first night she got her back bend kick over!!!! Talking about one proud mama!!!!!!! And all I have is video and no pictures!!! But I will make sure I get some!


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Savannah said...

Yay!! I am so glad you registered for the mini!! It is a fun course and a huge crowd! See you at the starting line!