Thursday, February 7, 2013

ThrowBackThursday (TBT)

Hello Little Friday!!!!! Can you smell the weekend? I know I can! This week has about killed me! To start the week off we had calves to get out as you might recall.  Anyway I ran with my muck boots on with no socks and have two yucky blisters on my heels!!! Which means no running!!!!!! URGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maddie had gymnastics Monday afternoon, Carter had basketball practice Tuesday afternoon, and Maddie had dance Wednesday afternoon, shew I am tired! However I will cherish these moments, for I know that they will not last forever.

But on the upside of things, this weekend is supposed to be BUU TEE FULL!!!!! I cannot wait!!!!!

So on to TBT.....circa May 1997 Senior year....Peg Bundy tight jeans...up to your armpits....probably a horseshoe ring.....i am sure my watch was a Mickey Mouse....and crop Top......... My mama is probably biting nails right now thinking how dare you make fun of these pictures by saying "do you know how much I paid for those senior pictures"!!!!


1 comment:

Ashlee :) said...

I sure can smell what the weekend is cooking!!!! LOL!! Love the crop top going on too!