Friday, February 1, 2013

Finally Friday Folks!

Hellllllloooooo Friday!!! Well here in My Old Kentucky Home, the weather seems to have lost it's prescription for it's Prozac, because it is all kind of craziness!!!! On Monday it was 65, Tuesday it was 70 and I ran outside in shorts and tee-shirt, Wednesday we had Tornado warnings, with tornadoes touching down about 40 miles from my house, Thursday we had Winter advisory warnings, and today our school is dismissed for snow!!!!!  That is one thing about KY, if you don't like the weather today stick around it will be something different tomorrow!!!!!

My Favorites from this week!!!

(poor picture quality)
Maddie found her stash of baby sleepers that I kept.  She dressed her babies in them, makes a heart smile!!!

These are the wonderful ladies I work with and yesterday we all wore black and grey and it was NOT planned at all!!!  LtoR Erica, me, Ashlee and Pam! Plus we had matching gloves!! Part of mine and Ashlee's job is going before the Family Court Judge and even he noticed our matching attires!!! ;)

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I know I have already posted this in my pinterest post this week, but let me tell you if you do this workout correctly, YOU WILL BE SORE!!! I am sure Ashlee and Jessica is so tired of hearing me whine!!!!! They should have already given me a block of cheese to go with it!!!

Found out we are "hopefully" going to the Windy City in April!!! I have always wanted to walk down Michigan Ave, see the bean and the Lakes!

And finally planning for the fastest 3 minutes in sports entertainment!!!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!


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