Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Post!!!!

We had a great weekend!!!! Friday night consisted of getting our taxes prepared, which I was very pleased with, now just ready for the refund. However they can't be actually filed until the middle of February and we won't received the refund until the middle to the end of March.  Uncle Sam wants his money pronto, but takes his own precious time when it comes to giving us our money!!! But I am not complaining at least we aren't having to pay in!

Saturday Carter had a ball game and his team won!!!! 10-2, he scored 6 points!! I am so proud of him!
What a VIEW!!!!!!
After the ball game we went riding!! It was such a perfect day! We rode at Jessica and JT's house and it is so pretty due to most of their land is on the Green River, here is a little recap of our day!!! If you follow me on IG you probably have already seen some of these!

Carter got to drive Troy's RZR and he was in Heaven!!!

Kari, Jessica and I!
Boys will be boys!!!! They couldn't resist getting in the mud!
Chris and I, with my Dora lunchbox that holds our snacks!! Everyone
makes fun of me!!!!
The River
After riding we went home and Kruz stayed the night with us!! Carter was thrilled for him to stay as I was too, he was so good and they had a big time playing!!!

Building a farm!!!


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