About me

Hi! I am Kelly, just a small town girl from Kentucky with a big heart! I am a Mom to two wonderful kiddos, Carter and Maddie. And a wife of 12 years, to a great guy, Chris! I love to hang out with my family, do any kind of water activity and yes laying out, being a sun worshipper is considered a water activity, go running on a nice cool day, participating in races, riding our Polaris Ranger, being with some of the best friends a gal could have!!  I want to learn to love cooking! I love getting new recipes however I hardly ever try any new ones, guess I am to comfortable in my zone!! I love blogging, but I am not very consistent with my posts :(.....Sometimes my words fail me, so bare with me, I am really going to try harder!!!!!! And don't be too hard on me with my grammar!!! ;)

Things I love..... my kids, my hubby, my family, running (kinda), vanilla ice cream, strawberry milkshakes, blue ink pens, shoes, tote bags, Bud Light Lime-a-Ritas, tan lines, tanning on a float, chocolate labradors,.........to be continued

Hope you stick around for more "twice as nice"!!!

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