Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tag...Your it!!!!

A high school friend, Stephanie, tagged me in her blog to list seven things about myself. I have been thinking about one day a week to list a few random things about myself, and 7 sounds like a good number. So I think on Wednesdays, because usually in the middle of the week there really isn't much interesting going on besides fussing with the kids to go to bed and for Carter to do his homework, I will continue this and I will call it Wacky Wednesdays!! Thank you Stephanie for doing this!!
The blog that Stephanie tagged me in is a post about Stylish Bloggers!! And she just quoted "I don't really even know what this means, but I love to write about my kids (and everything in between) and well now I have an assignment" this is how it goes................. 

1. Make a post and link back to the person who awarded you this award
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award recently discovered bloggers the award so it will be their turn next.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won.

My friend who tagged me in her blog is Stephanie. She was three years older than me in school. She has a brother, Matt, who is the same age as me. They moved to our town when I was in the 2nd grade.  My sister played basketball so we went to all the basketball games. Stephanie was a cheerleader and her mom was the cheer coach.  I LOVED, to watch her cheer!!! She could flip from one end to the Blue Gym to the other!!! I wanted to be a cheerleader just like Stephanie. I had always loved watching gymnastics. When I was little I would flip off the couch and jump up just like Mary Lou Retton, dreaming to be able to flip like she did one day. As we entered high school, I still enjoyed attending ball games as a spectator, (I did cheer in middle school) but I very rarely watched the game, I watched the cheerleaders, mainly Stephanie because she was the one flying through the air in basket tosses, standing high in the air doing heel stretches, liberties, and throwing some awesome backtucks!!!!! They were awesome! She was awesome!!!Now when cheer competitions come on TV (I just watched one Sunday, the UCA 2011 nationals) I watch and I think when a college ball game is on they should show the cheerleaders more!!!

Stephanie and her precious littles, Amelia and Maddox

Okay for my 7 things.................
1.  I am not a big sweets person, but I LOVE LOVE banana pudding and birthday cake!!!! I have never made a banana pudding, and to be quite honest I don't want to learn how to, because I could literally sit down and eat a whole bowl.  I have two aunts who make the best banana puddings in the whole world, Aunt Peggy and Kim!!! They run a very close race as to whose is the best, and to best honest I probably couldn't tell the difference between them if I were blindfolded. Birthday cake!!!! I LOVE it too. It has to be a cake that was baked at a bakery, not one that I bake. I love going to my kid's parties just so I can eat cake!! I sit there and hope that they don't eat all of theirs just so I can eat the leftovers!! A lady here in town makes the best cakes ever!!!! Ashlee and Erica have belly-laughed at me , Erica's birthday was March 9th and we had a cake here at the office and I probably ate half of it!!! Corner pieces are the best!!!
Erica's cake, that I ate half of..those flowers were da bomb!!

Maddie's 3rd bday cake!!

2.  As Stephanie said she is OCD......well I am too!!!! I cannot go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink and  leftover food on the stove. Before I go to bed the kitchen is cleaned. Before I had kids I was MUCH MUCH worse with my house, and even when it was just Carter, I vacuumed and dusted every 2 days, but I have had to let some stuff slide now that wild woman is here!!! I make my bed every morning before I leave, can't stand to get into an unmade bed at night. I try to make the kid's beds every morning, depends on how much time we have. I try to have all toys up at night before bed. Some nights it just don't happen. When Carter was smaller, I would pick all his cows and horses up and place them just right in his barn and the baby calf or colt would stand right beside their momma. I do the same with Maddie's kitchen, and her doll house, plates, cups are in their proper cabinet and the dolls and furniture are in their proper room!

"The Farm" these pictures are a little old, so we TWICE as many animals now...NO LIE!!!

3. I am anal about my yard. This year you couldn't tell it though, there is little purple flowers all in it and it is literally driving me nuts!!!!! Chris has been drilling holes in it and sewing new grass seed, so hopefully it will be pretty and green before to long. I love to mow the yard myself. I don't like to mow if I am not going to have enough time to make it pretty and take my time. After it is mowed I like to admire my work, and I cannot stand when someone drives through it. I have ripped several of Chris's buddies heads off before for that!!!

green yard

4. One of my biggest pet peeves is the toothpaste tube!!!!!! I start from the bottom and squeeze up. Chris will take a brand new tube and squeeze right in the middle!!! URGH!!! I can't stand it!!! You would think after nearly 11 years of marriage he would know by now not to do that, I think he is doing it for pure meanness!!!!!
5.  I am about to make a personal confession......... I have grey hair....lots of grey probably half of my head would be grey if I didn't dye it!!! For those of you who know my Daddy, he is grey and has been been my entire life. I have never known him without grey hair.  But his hair is soft and is a pretty color grey. Mine is wirey, I will have a 4 inch strand of hair standing straight up that is grey!!! So yes I do the coloring every 6 weeks, (let me correct myself, Jordan does the coloring, and he is the Bomb)  and I will for quite some time, not sure when I will let it all go.....maybe 80ish!!!!

a fresh dye job!!!

6. I will not ever wear flip-flops or sandals without painted toenails. Enough said.......Never ever!!!!!

obviously these are Maddie's precious toes, (didn't have a pic of mine, but I will take care of that!!!)
But she loves for her toes to be painted too!!!!

7.  Speaking of flip flops, I have a compulsive disorder about them.  Two years ago I had 20 pairs of Old Navy flip flops!!! No lie!!! One of my friends would say you have a pair for every shirt, and I would. But now I can't wear them all day like I once could. I have to have some with a higher arch and a thicker sole or my legs will ache...getting old sucks!!! I can feel the cramps in my legs and my veins feel like they are busting!!! Spider veins and busted blood vessels suck too!!!!!
Alrighty then, there ya go.......Okay now I tag Ashlee, she was the one who inspired me to start a blog to start with and does some killer crocheting. She taught herself how to in just one weekend. She is also one of my very bestest friends, who I get to see 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, sitting all of 5 feet from!!!! And I tag Teresa, I read her blog faithfully everyday, I have gotten some really good recipes from her and I have submitted to her a few times when she featured Nana of the week!!!
Until Next Time, Take Time to Smell the Roses,

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just Shoot me in the Big Toe!!!

If I EVER mention again of changing my background to something else, Please someone just shoot me in the BIG TOE!!!!! This has been the most difficult, time consuming, mind boggling, challenging thing I have done!!!!!!! URGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

There now, I feel better!!!

Have a Great day!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Photo Wall

As I have said before I love to snap pictures all the time. I guess that is why I have about 30 picture albums, that is no lie!!! And that is only since Carter was I probably have 50+!!!!! YIKES!!!! I have said so many times if our house were to ever catch on fire, after we all got out safely and if there was anyway to save them, start throwing out my picture albums and any pictures hanging on the walls. As the old saying goes "pictures are worth a 1000 words". And I totally believe that.

An oldie, but I love Carter's little smile and Maddie's chubby cheeks!!! She was almost 3 months old!!

Easter 2010

I have so many projects that I want to do this spring/summer. Most of them are outside, working in my landscaping. But one of them is a photo wall in the Toy Room. Our toy room is downstairs and it has paneling on the walls, tan, very blah and dark. I am hoping this photo wall will brighten things up and maybe will provoke the kids to actually play in the toy room instead of bringing their toys upstairs and wanting to play in the living room!!!  Once again this is not my original idea, this is from Kelle!!! She is so inspiring!!! I have a couple of pictures so far that I am going to use. I will keep you all in the know of how it is going. I am so excited about my new project.  I haven't selected all my pictures yet for my photo wall, and it may not be completed until fall so I can use some of my pictures that I make this summer, and with my new lens!!!! Also I have made some pictures to hang in my bathroom. I have bought some frames, now I need to get some paint samples so I can paint the frames to match my accent colors in the bathoom.

This one is for my bathroom.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and what about them CATS!!!! I was so nervous during both of the games. On Friday night, I jumped and screamed when Knight hit the final basket. Carter told a friend, look at my Momma she has gone nuts!!!!! My Daddy called me yesterday after the game and he said that is hard on an old man's heart, can't take to many more of  them!!!!!Looking forward to next weekend!!! I belive it is going to be a Good Knight, a Good Good Knight!!!!! And Harrelson, can't say enough Great things about him!!!! I just love him to death!!!!

Also thank you to all my followers!!! It really is appreciated, and it really warms the heart when you see you have a new follower!!!

Until Next Time, Take Time to Smell the Roses,

Friday, March 25, 2011

Pictures of Momma

Chris purchased me a camera two years ago for Christmas, a Nikon D3000. And I love it! I got a new camera lens in order to zoom in closer this week. I am so excited for it to warm up and stay warm so that I can really try it out. Standing on my front porch just snapping passing cars, or birds flying isn't my idea of picture taking, plus I have received some weird looks by the vehicles passing by!!

Maddie (6months) and I

150th Celebration pageant

Story Hour Halloween party
 I am a firm believer in taking pictures and as Kim says, "Making Memories".  I love taking them and yes I am guilty I love for my picture to be taken, whether it be professional or it be a snapshot. Susan has always made fun of me, when I was little she would walk into my bedroom and catch me posing in my mirror! I would either be smiling or doing my "Miss America wave". She says I was still doing it in high school, but I don't think so!! (okay maybe a couple of times)

Carter's preschool trip

Carter's Kindergarten graduation

6th birthday

Kindergarten zoo trip

Why is it, Moms are never in any pictures. Oh yeah because we are the ones always snapping them. This year at Christmas, I gave my Mom Camera 101 and she took the pictures at her house on Christmas Day, and I was so thrilled I was in some of the pictures, no I was in LOTS of the pictures. I like to see me in pictures with my kiddos. I want to them to be able to look back and see pictures of me when they were little. Last summer I was loading some pictures up on snapfish and as I was scanning through the pictures I wanted to print, and I noticed that out of 225 pics, there was 4 of me!!!! So I made a vow that I would make sure that I was in more pictures of my kids, whether someone else is taking them or if I have to myself. And I want more pictures of me with my friends. So don't be suprsied if I ask you to take a picture of me and my kids or a friend!! Chris hates when we are on vacation somewhere and I want one of all 4 of us and ask someone to take a picture, he always says I hope they run off with your camera!!! 

In Vegas, at our hotel, the Mirage

on plane ride to Vegas

Christmas 2010 at my parents house

at Lindsey's wedding reception

the kids and me at Lindsey's wedding

I started following another blog quite sometime ago, and I don't feel so bad wanting to be in more pictures, because Kelle (the author) has said the same thing. I have experimented ways to take them, like she does. You need to check out her blog if you haven't already!!! She is an awesome photographer, more about her later on!!

Enjoy the pics of Momma and a just a few of the ones I love!!! Some of them are a little old, but they are some of my faves!!  And notice all the hair changes and color!!!! Have a Great Weekend and GOOOOO CATS!!!!

Until Next Time, Take Time to Smell the Roses,

Kim and I on cruise ship to Grand Cayman Islands
Teresa and I in Gatlinburg
Chris and I at Hoover Dam

Casey and I on NYE

My Granny, Maddie and me at Nana's annual Easter Egg Hunt

Uncle Dale and I

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Thing Called Exercise

I have found my new is Zumba!!!!! Last year in July I received a phone call from a best friend, Jessica, telling me that I should come and join her and about 4 others for some dance aerobics at her dance studio. So I went, and I loved it. Nothing like dancing, exercising, and having fun all at the same time while burning calories!
I have been going now 2-3 times a week since that day in July. We had a little contest for 3-4 months for who had lost the most pounds, inches and body fat percent. I am proud to say I had lost 3lbs and 6 inches during that time while I ate pretty much what I wanted!
Since the beginning it started out with approximately 6 of us, now there is close to 20-25 every night getting their groove on as well!!! We compare our sweat marks on our shirts and shorts, and love when Jessica will say "bonus, 5 more"!!! She will carry us through the the class with sayings like "pretty bellies, pretty arms, I love that muscle, Jennifer Anniston legs, Pretty butts!!!!!!" Sometimes we call her Hitler, but we all love her and appreciate her pushing us the way she does!!!!
I am so grateful for Jessica introducing me to this new form of exercise, who knew it could be so fun!!!  Love ya Jessica!!!!! And if you are wondering there will be no pictures of us getting our groove on!!!! Maybe a before!!! LOL

However, here is one of Jessica and her littles, Kruz, Zaylee and my little, Maddie Dale.
Until next time, Take time to Smell the Roses,

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Two Women and a Baby in the Making

Today I ask for your prayers and safe travels for Aunt Kimmie!! Kim is married to Chris's uncle, Dale. She is more than an "Aunt" she is a best friend. Today her and her sister Tracy will be traveling overseas to the Czech Republic in hopes that Tracy will have the opportunity to get pregnant and have a baby. Please pray for their safe travels, her medical team and their safe return. Love you girls!!!! Can't wait to see all the pictures and hear all about your adventures!!!

Kim and I

Tracy and I

Me giving Kim a "Maddie" hug!!!

Kim, I will have Chris to keep me informed through his informant!!!! LOL Chris is worried about his Aunt Kimmie!!! He has been doing some research on where she is going, what she will be doing, what to do and not do, what to eat and not eat!!! He loves his Kim!!!!

Chris and Kim

Until Next Time, Take Time to Smell the Roses,

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Fever

How about this weather??!!!! I know I am loving it!!! This weekend has been spent outside around my house, well with the exception of watching the UK game, go CATS!! My household is divided, Chris is a Cardinals fan, and the kids and me are Cats fans. Yes I chose their fanbase, I think if I gave birth to them I should get to choose who they are for in college basketball, don't ya think!!!!!

Our weekend started out by a nice visit by cousins. Carter and Maddie love their all their cousins, they have several on Chris's side of the family.  This visit was Lindsey and Kendall!!!! As soon as Maddie sees Lindsey she starts in "swing me"!!!!

We attended a birthday party this weekend, and Maddie skated for the very first time. She loved it and was quite good at it!!!

As for the rest of our weekend, it included, bicycles, dirtbikes, flowers, Kawaski Mule, and family.

Chris, Carter and Maddie on his little Honda 50 dirtbike!

Maddie wanted to "pretend" drive"!!!! She says when Carter gets big she is gonna ride this one all by herself!!
We had a nice visit this weekend by Mr. Griffin Gallagher and I am so mad that I didn't get my camera to snap a few pictures. Maddie held him and she was loving every bit of it!!! He was her first baby that she has got to hold!! This morning on our way to the babysitter, when we passed their house, she said "Ahhhhh wook Momma, baby 'Giffin' has a swing"!!!!! It was so cute!!

Carter is getting braver on his dirtbike. He stood up while riding yesterday. My Mom and Granny was there and he had to show off in front of them!
Chris rode his Harley down to Momma's yesterday and took Carter and Riley Jo for a ride on it. It was Riley's first motorcycle ride!!! She was all smiles, even though you can't see them!!!

We took a little adventure behind the catfish pond to where my Daddy built me a "gate" to take pictures with!!! Of course the kids liked stomping in the mud, well Carter liked it, Riley and Maddie not so much!!!

Carter leading the way through the mud!!!!

Carter posing on the gate for me!!!

My niece, Riley Jo

Maddie Dale having a meltdown because she had mud on her flip flops!!!

Carter showing Riley how to come back across and to not get in the mud, however he was stomping every mudhole there was!!!!

Maddie and Riley's shoes and shadows of their feet!!!!

Until next time,