Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First Time for Everything

This is my very first blog ever!!! I am excited about this new adventure in my life. I have always wanted to journal or blog, something that I could look back in my life and remember all the good times. One of my very best friends, Ashlee, encouraged me to do so, not by telling me to do it, but by reading her blog and her having the "guts" to take the plunge. My hands are really sweaty right now just typing it!!!

I may not get to post every night, with two kids (don't worry you will hear more about them I am sure), supper, helping with homework, and Zumba (I am sure you will hear more about this too), but I will try to do my best.  So before signing off I will leave you with this little piece of Heaven!!



Ashlee said...

OMG I am so glad you are blogging!!!!! I tried to be your first follower, but KIM, YOU BEAT ME TO IT!!! LOL!! I'm so excited to leave you all kinds of comments. Of course, I am sitting in the same room with you telling you how excited I am!! LOVE YA, ASHLEE

Erica said...

Lookie I have another blog to follow!! :) It's lookin' good Kelly Jo!!!! You and Ashlee have cracked me up w/ your blogs. But enjoy it so I say do it!! Can't wait to see what you will be sharing w/ us in the near future. :) I'll check back again soon. :) Love ya, Erica