Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Two Women and a Baby in the Making

Today I ask for your prayers and safe travels for Aunt Kimmie!! Kim is married to Chris's uncle, Dale. She is more than an "Aunt" she is a best friend. Today her and her sister Tracy will be traveling overseas to the Czech Republic in hopes that Tracy will have the opportunity to get pregnant and have a baby. Please pray for their safe travels, her medical team and their safe return. Love you girls!!!! Can't wait to see all the pictures and hear all about your adventures!!!

Kim and I

Tracy and I

Me giving Kim a "Maddie" hug!!!

Kim, I will have Chris to keep me informed through his informant!!!! LOL Chris is worried about his Aunt Kimmie!!! He has been doing some research on where she is going, what she will be doing, what to do and not do, what to eat and not eat!!! He loves his Kim!!!!

Chris and Kim

Until Next Time, Take Time to Smell the Roses,

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