Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Sister

Someone  has a Birthday coming older and much wiser sister!!!! At least that is what she would say!!!! Susan is five years older than me, lets just say she is pushing the big one 4-0!!!! When we were younger, we fought like cats and dogs, isn't that what sisters are supposed to do!!!?? But we did have our special moments when we loved each other. Like one time I was about 5 and Susan was 10, we had got into trouble for something and we both were sent to our rooms. Our bedrooms were side by side and we had wall heaters that were back to back. We talked to each other through our heaters and was trying to plot how we could get into one another's room! So I decided to start pulling the carpet up under my heater and thought if I did that then I could crawl under the wall to her room!!! As far as I got was an uncarpeted area about the size of two quarters and another scolding!!!!

As we got older we became closer. Susan finally allowed me to start doing things with her and actually going places.  I thought I was some kind of cool getting to cruise around McDonalds and go and up down Hambuger Hill with her in her bada$$ Mustang!!!!

In October 1999 Susan got married, I was devasted, she was leaving me!!!  And in June 2000 I got married, six months apart. Momma told us that we had better not plan her grandchildren like that. Well on one Ocotber day in 2004 we found out on the VERY same day about 2 hours of each other that we were pregnant!!!! On our very first doctor's visit we found out our due date was only 7 days apart, I was July 14 and Susan was July 21!!! Seven days apart!!!! We had doctor's appointments on the same day, we found out what we were having on the same day, everything was the same. It was fun calling her and asking if she was experiencing the same thing I was. However Carter was born 9 weeks earlier (another day another post) than Riley Jo was. 

Now we are still very close, we may not talk everyday, and only see each other once a week, but we can pick up right where we left off. Just last weekend we had an adventure. I am getting a new tanning bed and I gave her the one I had. Her husband, bought a calf off of Chris. So they were loaded up in the same trailer!! Tanning bed in the front, calf in the back!!! You might be a redneck, if you  haul a calf and tanning bed in the same trailer. I just hope that the calf didn't pee while going down hill!!! Yeah that is how we roll!!!!!

Happy Birthday Sister Sue!!!! Love ya!!! Hope it is the best one ever!!!!!



Ashlee said...

Happy Birthday Susan!!! Maybe one day me & my sister will be just like this!

Anonymous said...

OK I am in a meeting and reading your blog and I came upon this and as I read I started tearing up!! One reason you should not be playing around on the computer when in a meeting.....Thank you!!! I am not close to 40 yet???lol....We never did get that hole dug did we....I can't tell you how much you mean to me and always will (another tear)....Thanks for the birthday wish and a blog devoted to me!!! That is great!!! Love you Susan

susan.mathews said...

Oh by the way the cow was in front and the tanning bed was in back (tanning bed would not fit in front)I took a sheet and blocked the crack in under the door so it did not get pee on worked!!!lol

Kelly Jo said...

LOL, no we never did get that hole dug!!! We should have just knocked the wall out, it was done that way eventually anyway!!
You are welcome, (blurry eyes)!!!
Oh I stand corrected, anyway that is how we roll!!!!!