Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tag...Your it!!!!

A high school friend, Stephanie, tagged me in her blog to list seven things about myself. I have been thinking about one day a week to list a few random things about myself, and 7 sounds like a good number. So I think on Wednesdays, because usually in the middle of the week there really isn't much interesting going on besides fussing with the kids to go to bed and for Carter to do his homework, I will continue this and I will call it Wacky Wednesdays!! Thank you Stephanie for doing this!!
The blog that Stephanie tagged me in is a post about Stylish Bloggers!! And she just quoted "I don't really even know what this means, but I love to write about my kids (and everything in between) and well now I have an assignment" this is how it goes................. 

1. Make a post and link back to the person who awarded you this award
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award recently discovered bloggers the award so it will be their turn next.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won.

My friend who tagged me in her blog is Stephanie. She was three years older than me in school. She has a brother, Matt, who is the same age as me. They moved to our town when I was in the 2nd grade.  My sister played basketball so we went to all the basketball games. Stephanie was a cheerleader and her mom was the cheer coach.  I LOVED, to watch her cheer!!! She could flip from one end to the Blue Gym to the other!!! I wanted to be a cheerleader just like Stephanie. I had always loved watching gymnastics. When I was little I would flip off the couch and jump up just like Mary Lou Retton, dreaming to be able to flip like she did one day. As we entered high school, I still enjoyed attending ball games as a spectator, (I did cheer in middle school) but I very rarely watched the game, I watched the cheerleaders, mainly Stephanie because she was the one flying through the air in basket tosses, standing high in the air doing heel stretches, liberties, and throwing some awesome backtucks!!!!! They were awesome! She was awesome!!!Now when cheer competitions come on TV (I just watched one Sunday, the UCA 2011 nationals) I watch and I think when a college ball game is on they should show the cheerleaders more!!!

Stephanie and her precious littles, Amelia and Maddox

Okay for my 7 things.................
1.  I am not a big sweets person, but I LOVE LOVE banana pudding and birthday cake!!!! I have never made a banana pudding, and to be quite honest I don't want to learn how to, because I could literally sit down and eat a whole bowl.  I have two aunts who make the best banana puddings in the whole world, Aunt Peggy and Kim!!! They run a very close race as to whose is the best, and to best honest I probably couldn't tell the difference between them if I were blindfolded. Birthday cake!!!! I LOVE it too. It has to be a cake that was baked at a bakery, not one that I bake. I love going to my kid's parties just so I can eat cake!! I sit there and hope that they don't eat all of theirs just so I can eat the leftovers!! A lady here in town makes the best cakes ever!!!! Ashlee and Erica have belly-laughed at me , Erica's birthday was March 9th and we had a cake here at the office and I probably ate half of it!!! Corner pieces are the best!!!
Erica's cake, that I ate half of..those flowers were da bomb!!

Maddie's 3rd bday cake!!

2.  As Stephanie said she is OCD......well I am too!!!! I cannot go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink and  leftover food on the stove. Before I go to bed the kitchen is cleaned. Before I had kids I was MUCH MUCH worse with my house, and even when it was just Carter, I vacuumed and dusted every 2 days, but I have had to let some stuff slide now that wild woman is here!!! I make my bed every morning before I leave, can't stand to get into an unmade bed at night. I try to make the kid's beds every morning, depends on how much time we have. I try to have all toys up at night before bed. Some nights it just don't happen. When Carter was smaller, I would pick all his cows and horses up and place them just right in his barn and the baby calf or colt would stand right beside their momma. I do the same with Maddie's kitchen, and her doll house, plates, cups are in their proper cabinet and the dolls and furniture are in their proper room!

"The Farm" these pictures are a little old, so we TWICE as many animals now...NO LIE!!!

3. I am anal about my yard. This year you couldn't tell it though, there is little purple flowers all in it and it is literally driving me nuts!!!!! Chris has been drilling holes in it and sewing new grass seed, so hopefully it will be pretty and green before to long. I love to mow the yard myself. I don't like to mow if I am not going to have enough time to make it pretty and take my time. After it is mowed I like to admire my work, and I cannot stand when someone drives through it. I have ripped several of Chris's buddies heads off before for that!!!

green yard

4. One of my biggest pet peeves is the toothpaste tube!!!!!! I start from the bottom and squeeze up. Chris will take a brand new tube and squeeze right in the middle!!! URGH!!! I can't stand it!!! You would think after nearly 11 years of marriage he would know by now not to do that, I think he is doing it for pure meanness!!!!!
5.  I am about to make a personal confession......... I have grey hair....lots of grey probably half of my head would be grey if I didn't dye it!!! For those of you who know my Daddy, he is grey and has been been my entire life. I have never known him without grey hair.  But his hair is soft and is a pretty color grey. Mine is wirey, I will have a 4 inch strand of hair standing straight up that is grey!!! So yes I do the coloring every 6 weeks, (let me correct myself, Jordan does the coloring, and he is the Bomb)  and I will for quite some time, not sure when I will let it all go.....maybe 80ish!!!!

a fresh dye job!!!

6. I will not ever wear flip-flops or sandals without painted toenails. Enough said.......Never ever!!!!!

obviously these are Maddie's precious toes, (didn't have a pic of mine, but I will take care of that!!!)
But she loves for her toes to be painted too!!!!

7.  Speaking of flip flops, I have a compulsive disorder about them.  Two years ago I had 20 pairs of Old Navy flip flops!!! No lie!!! One of my friends would say you have a pair for every shirt, and I would. But now I can't wear them all day like I once could. I have to have some with a higher arch and a thicker sole or my legs will ache...getting old sucks!!! I can feel the cramps in my legs and my veins feel like they are busting!!! Spider veins and busted blood vessels suck too!!!!!
Alrighty then, there ya go.......Okay now I tag Ashlee, she was the one who inspired me to start a blog to start with and does some killer crocheting. She taught herself how to in just one weekend. She is also one of my very bestest friends, who I get to see 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, sitting all of 5 feet from!!!! And I tag Teresa, I read her blog faithfully everyday, I have gotten some really good recipes from her and I have submitted to her a few times when she featured Nana of the week!!!
Until Next Time, Take Time to Smell the Roses,

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