Friday, March 25, 2011

Pictures of Momma

Chris purchased me a camera two years ago for Christmas, a Nikon D3000. And I love it! I got a new camera lens in order to zoom in closer this week. I am so excited for it to warm up and stay warm so that I can really try it out. Standing on my front porch just snapping passing cars, or birds flying isn't my idea of picture taking, plus I have received some weird looks by the vehicles passing by!!

Maddie (6months) and I

150th Celebration pageant

Story Hour Halloween party
 I am a firm believer in taking pictures and as Kim says, "Making Memories".  I love taking them and yes I am guilty I love for my picture to be taken, whether it be professional or it be a snapshot. Susan has always made fun of me, when I was little she would walk into my bedroom and catch me posing in my mirror! I would either be smiling or doing my "Miss America wave". She says I was still doing it in high school, but I don't think so!! (okay maybe a couple of times)

Carter's preschool trip

Carter's Kindergarten graduation

6th birthday

Kindergarten zoo trip

Why is it, Moms are never in any pictures. Oh yeah because we are the ones always snapping them. This year at Christmas, I gave my Mom Camera 101 and she took the pictures at her house on Christmas Day, and I was so thrilled I was in some of the pictures, no I was in LOTS of the pictures. I like to see me in pictures with my kiddos. I want to them to be able to look back and see pictures of me when they were little. Last summer I was loading some pictures up on snapfish and as I was scanning through the pictures I wanted to print, and I noticed that out of 225 pics, there was 4 of me!!!! So I made a vow that I would make sure that I was in more pictures of my kids, whether someone else is taking them or if I have to myself. And I want more pictures of me with my friends. So don't be suprsied if I ask you to take a picture of me and my kids or a friend!! Chris hates when we are on vacation somewhere and I want one of all 4 of us and ask someone to take a picture, he always says I hope they run off with your camera!!! 

In Vegas, at our hotel, the Mirage

on plane ride to Vegas

Christmas 2010 at my parents house

at Lindsey's wedding reception

the kids and me at Lindsey's wedding

I started following another blog quite sometime ago, and I don't feel so bad wanting to be in more pictures, because Kelle (the author) has said the same thing. I have experimented ways to take them, like she does. You need to check out her blog if you haven't already!!! She is an awesome photographer, more about her later on!!

Enjoy the pics of Momma and a just a few of the ones I love!!! Some of them are a little old, but they are some of my faves!!  And notice all the hair changes and color!!!! Have a Great Weekend and GOOOOO CATS!!!!

Until Next Time, Take Time to Smell the Roses,

Kim and I on cruise ship to Grand Cayman Islands
Teresa and I in Gatlinburg
Chris and I at Hoover Dam

Casey and I on NYE

My Granny, Maddie and me at Nana's annual Easter Egg Hunt

Uncle Dale and I

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Ashlee said...

LOVE that you mentioned Kelle in this post!! I am going to have to mention her on mine. And YES, you looove being in pictures, after all, you are my model for my crochet projects!!! LOL!!