Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Fever

How about this weather??!!!! I know I am loving it!!! This weekend has been spent outside around my house, well with the exception of watching the UK game, go CATS!! My household is divided, Chris is a Cardinals fan, and the kids and me are Cats fans. Yes I chose their fanbase, I think if I gave birth to them I should get to choose who they are for in college basketball, don't ya think!!!!!

Our weekend started out by a nice visit by cousins. Carter and Maddie love their all their cousins, they have several on Chris's side of the family.  This visit was Lindsey and Kendall!!!! As soon as Maddie sees Lindsey she starts in "swing me"!!!!

We attended a birthday party this weekend, and Maddie skated for the very first time. She loved it and was quite good at it!!!

As for the rest of our weekend, it included, bicycles, dirtbikes, flowers, Kawaski Mule, and family.

Chris, Carter and Maddie on his little Honda 50 dirtbike!

Maddie wanted to "pretend" drive"!!!! She says when Carter gets big she is gonna ride this one all by herself!!
We had a nice visit this weekend by Mr. Griffin Gallagher and I am so mad that I didn't get my camera to snap a few pictures. Maddie held him and she was loving every bit of it!!! He was her first baby that she has got to hold!! This morning on our way to the babysitter, when we passed their house, she said "Ahhhhh wook Momma, baby 'Giffin' has a swing"!!!!! It was so cute!!

Carter is getting braver on his dirtbike. He stood up while riding yesterday. My Mom and Granny was there and he had to show off in front of them!
Chris rode his Harley down to Momma's yesterday and took Carter and Riley Jo for a ride on it. It was Riley's first motorcycle ride!!! She was all smiles, even though you can't see them!!!

We took a little adventure behind the catfish pond to where my Daddy built me a "gate" to take pictures with!!! Of course the kids liked stomping in the mud, well Carter liked it, Riley and Maddie not so much!!!

Carter leading the way through the mud!!!!

Carter posing on the gate for me!!!

My niece, Riley Jo

Maddie Dale having a meltdown because she had mud on her flip flops!!!

Carter showing Riley how to come back across and to not get in the mud, however he was stomping every mudhole there was!!!!

Maddie and Riley's shoes and shadows of their feet!!!!

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