Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Thing Called Exercise

I have found my new is Zumba!!!!! Last year in July I received a phone call from a best friend, Jessica, telling me that I should come and join her and about 4 others for some dance aerobics at her dance studio. So I went, and I loved it. Nothing like dancing, exercising, and having fun all at the same time while burning calories!
I have been going now 2-3 times a week since that day in July. We had a little contest for 3-4 months for who had lost the most pounds, inches and body fat percent. I am proud to say I had lost 3lbs and 6 inches during that time while I ate pretty much what I wanted!
Since the beginning it started out with approximately 6 of us, now there is close to 20-25 every night getting their groove on as well!!! We compare our sweat marks on our shirts and shorts, and love when Jessica will say "bonus, 5 more"!!! She will carry us through the the class with sayings like "pretty bellies, pretty arms, I love that muscle, Jennifer Anniston legs, Pretty butts!!!!!!" Sometimes we call her Hitler, but we all love her and appreciate her pushing us the way she does!!!!
I am so grateful for Jessica introducing me to this new form of exercise, who knew it could be so fun!!!  Love ya Jessica!!!!! And if you are wondering there will be no pictures of us getting our groove on!!!! Maybe a before!!! LOL

However, here is one of Jessica and her littles, Kruz, Zaylee and my little, Maddie Dale.
Until next time, Take time to Smell the Roses,

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