Monday, March 28, 2011

The Photo Wall

As I have said before I love to snap pictures all the time. I guess that is why I have about 30 picture albums, that is no lie!!! And that is only since Carter was I probably have 50+!!!!! YIKES!!!! I have said so many times if our house were to ever catch on fire, after we all got out safely and if there was anyway to save them, start throwing out my picture albums and any pictures hanging on the walls. As the old saying goes "pictures are worth a 1000 words". And I totally believe that.

An oldie, but I love Carter's little smile and Maddie's chubby cheeks!!! She was almost 3 months old!!

Easter 2010

I have so many projects that I want to do this spring/summer. Most of them are outside, working in my landscaping. But one of them is a photo wall in the Toy Room. Our toy room is downstairs and it has paneling on the walls, tan, very blah and dark. I am hoping this photo wall will brighten things up and maybe will provoke the kids to actually play in the toy room instead of bringing their toys upstairs and wanting to play in the living room!!!  Once again this is not my original idea, this is from Kelle!!! She is so inspiring!!! I have a couple of pictures so far that I am going to use. I will keep you all in the know of how it is going. I am so excited about my new project.  I haven't selected all my pictures yet for my photo wall, and it may not be completed until fall so I can use some of my pictures that I make this summer, and with my new lens!!!! Also I have made some pictures to hang in my bathroom. I have bought some frames, now I need to get some paint samples so I can paint the frames to match my accent colors in the bathoom.

This one is for my bathroom.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and what about them CATS!!!! I was so nervous during both of the games. On Friday night, I jumped and screamed when Knight hit the final basket. Carter told a friend, look at my Momma she has gone nuts!!!!! My Daddy called me yesterday after the game and he said that is hard on an old man's heart, can't take to many more of  them!!!!!Looking forward to next weekend!!! I belive it is going to be a Good Knight, a Good Good Knight!!!!! And Harrelson, can't say enough Great things about him!!!! I just love him to death!!!!

Also thank you to all my followers!!! It really is appreciated, and it really warms the heart when you see you have a new follower!!!

Until Next Time, Take Time to Smell the Roses,

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Erica said...

That is an awesome idea!!! You take really good pictures so I'm sure your wall will be filled with adorable pics of the kiddos and some great family pics too!! :)