Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just Shoot me in the Big Toe!!!

If I EVER mention again of changing my background to something else, Please someone just shoot me in the BIG TOE!!!!! This has been the most difficult, time consuming, mind boggling, challenging thing I have done!!!!!!! URGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

There now, I feel better!!!

Have a Great day!!!


Erica said...

Yes, it was mind boggling for you! It was about to get the best of you at lunch. Not sure if it is the finished product or not but what you do have looks really good!!! :) I like your colors and background!! :) And ALL your pics that you have put in your posts!! :)

Jessica Tucker said...

I love your background- I found a site where they are easy to download and reload...I will send it to you. You did a great job :)

Kelly Jo said...

Thank you both!!!! I worked on this FOREVER!!!!