Monday, July 16, 2012

What could have been a near death experience!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, ours was!!!! My kids had 3 different birthday parties to attend this weekend, so we were on the go all weekend. The temps here in KY has been in the triple digits 2 weeks ago and dry.  This weekend it was in the low 80s and rainy!!! Which I am not complaining we need the rain, it felt awesome to run this weekend and it not be in the 100s (which by the way Jessica and I got a great 4 mile run in Saturday morning), but the birthday parties were all water parties!!! But when has cold, rainy weather stopped kids from playing in it!!!! My niece's party was on Friday night and being the cool Aunt I am I got her a pink BB gun!!!! Oh yea, I scored majorly with that gift, not sure how much I scored with the sister and the BIL, but oh well they don't count all that matters is the niece is happy!!! :)

Look at that face!!!! She is beyond happy, and notice Maddie's sweet little face beside her!!!

Riley and Maddie swimming (sorry for the quality - mobile upload, zoomed in)

Riley with her Daddy practicing with her new gun!!!!
 On Sunday afternoon Chris, Carter and I along with 2 good friends went riding our Ranger.  We love riding, what a mind releaser it is, well usually it is!!!!

This is what our ride looks like

As I said it has been really hot here and dry, and all the animals have been coming out in search of water, I have noticed a lot of road kill on the shoulders of the roads. Well today was no this video on youtube.......I will warn  you there is some cussing, but I think you will understand!!!! It would make a preacher cuss!!!!!

Yes that is us!!!!! And that is me screaming for dear life!!!!!

2 Rattlesnakes fighting!!!

it was about 6 feet long!!!

These 2 snakes, so we have been told were mating, that they fight when they mate.  We happen to come up on these 2 monsters while riding. I saw them first, immediately Chris and his buddy Daniel had to get a closer look, me not so much, however Carter, me and another buddy, Eddie did get off our units to see better.  I was trying to video and take pictures with my phone and I was just to far away, and Daniel said he was. So I thought he could just text or email them to me.  And I was turning around heading back to the Ranger, that is when I saw 2 Rattlers coiled up right beside me, about a foot away!!! I grabbed Carter and we ran for the Ranger squealing like little girls!!!!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Firecracker 5K

So Saturday night Carter competed in his first 5K race. For those of you non-runners, a 5K is 3.1 miles.  We have been running with the local run club for 9 weeks training for this 5K.  Carter is very fast and loves to run. I really hope he keeps it up! On race day I could tell he was very nervous!  He was asking me questions like if he would be running on the road, if cars would pass him, if other runners would pass him, etc. I told him yes to all and if someone passes you don't give up just keep pushing. I knew he could do it, and just let me tell you, HE DID IT alright!!! I had already told him that Momma may not be able to run with him.  And that it was okay, I was trying to prepare him for when I was ahead of him.  Well that didn't go over so well, because he said he was going to beat me!!!! 

That afternoon I was really worried about the race. Here in South Central KY we have been effected by the heat wave along with everyone else. The race was to begin at 7:00 and when we got out of our car at the park the temperature was 101 degrees!!!!! YIKES!!!!!!

Before the race...Rebecca, me, Cheyenne, Jessica, Kruz and Carter

Yes we ran a 3.1 mile race in 100+ degree temps with very high humidity!!!!!! But let me tell you my boy kicked some tail!!!!! His very first race at 8 years old he ran a 28:02 minute race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He won 2nd place in the 14 & under age division!!!!! My time was 31 minutes, yeah he beat me by almost 4 minutes!!!! I found the race very difficult to run, it was just so hot and very hard to breathe.  I am just proud that I finished the race running!!! And so super proud of Carter!!!!!
Carter and I after the race, getting ready to watch fireworks

After the race with our medals!!!!! Me 1st in my age group, Cheyenne, 1st in her group, Rebecca, 2nd (I think), Jessica 2nd in her group, Carter 2nd in his group, Kruz and Zaylee particpated in the Kids Fun Run

Zaylee, me and Maddie about to watch some fireworks