Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

This week I am going to list the complete opposite of what I have been doing, the things that I don't like or even totally despise!!!!

1. RAIN..............Enough already!!!!!!!!  I don't like it when it comes all at once, I should clarify!! Rain is good when we need it, but right now, we do not!! The ground is so saturated it will take weeks to dry out. The farmers are needing to get their fields ready to start planting corn, setting tobacco, fertilizing the hay fields, planting gardens and with all this rain there is no way a tractor could even get in a field.

2. TICKS..........These little boogers are so annoying!!! I have already seen my fair share this year!! About a month ago, Carter was walking through the living room with no shirt on and I noticed a "black speck" on his back, AFTER I had already gave him a bath and it was a tick that gone in. Chris got the end of a bobby pin hot and it backed it's head out. URGH!!!!!!!!

3.  I cannot stand when it is raining and I have on sandals or flip flops, I hate my feet getting wet!!!! But it doesn't bother me while at the pool or at the lake, doesn't make sense does it!!! Yuck!!

4.  HAIR ROOTS!!! Any color roots, black, blonde and grey!!!! And currently I have grey ones!!!!!! URGH!!!!

5.  When you call or text someone and they don't return your call. Or even worse, when you call someone and they don't answer; but you can text someone and they will text you back in 10 seconds!!! That drives me nuts!!!! Can't stand it!!! Why don't you just say I don't want to talk to you, might as well as been broadcasted!!! Now I know you might be able not to talk but can text and that is totally understandable!

6.  I hate when all the pretty flowers die :( Right now I have very pretty Iris blooming and I know next week they will all be ugly or maybe even sooner after these winds come through tonight!!!

7.  Did I mention RAIN!!!! Not rain in general, just large quanties like we are having now!!! I think we might need to get our lifejackets out and boat oars!!!!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

Shew it has been a while since I last posted!!!

Trying to think all that has happened in our little world since then.........I went with Carter's class on their field trip to Hodgenville to Abe Lincoln's birthplace. It was fun. I had never been before so it was neat to see. The kids didn't seem really thrilled with it. Carter liked the spring best!!! He wanted to go fishing in it!!

The cabin

Rudy, Carter and Elliot in front of the building where the cabin is.

in front of the cabin

the spring
Carter in front of a statue at the gift shop

Saturday, Momma and I went shopping! We had so much fun, I had not been shopping since Christmas!! A little retail therapy does the body good!!! Chris kept the kids all day Saturday and they did a little shopping too!! Him and the kids took off to Bowling Green to Toys R Us and got Maddie a pink Jeep!!! She had been wanting one forever. Carter has a dirt bike, 4-wheeler and a jeep. So it was time Maddie had her own toy!!! She loves it. She has only rode it for about 10 minutes; the battery had to charge for 18 hours on Saturday and it rained pretty much off and on all day yesterday! So I am hoping this afternoon she will get to do some cruising!!!

The Easter Bunny hopped  his way to our house on Saturday night. Before bed time Maddie was so serious and she said I hope that bunny don't poop in my floor!!! I about cracked up!!! I said yeah I hope he don't either, Maddie says yeah we will shoot him!!!! Then Carter says we need to be sure and put Ruby up so she doesn't bite the bunny!!!! Carter went to bed around 9:00 and it was 10:30 before Maddie would give it up!!! She is getting so hard to put down for bed!

Maddie showing her bikini!!

Carter with his John Morrison WWE wrestler

Easter was so nasty. After church we always hunt eggs and we had to hunt them in the basement and in the annex. The kids didn't seem to mind!!! We have had several hunts already!! Friday afternoon I hid about 200 eggs in our front yard just for them and they had a blast hunting for them!!! Maddie would only pick up the pink ones for the longest time!!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Things have been crazy around our house for the last few days, so some of my random things may be things I dislike!!!!

1.  First and foremost I am sick of storms!!! I am not scared of storms, as long as no tornadoes are in sight. But the rain and thunder doesn't bother me. I am not a freaker when it comes to storm. Now Chris can be a little bit freaky!!! We had to sleep with the television on last night with the anticipation of the storms but Chris slept right through it. He did wake up as soon as they were and tried to convince he had been awake during them, but I heard him, snoring like a giant!!!

2. I love SUMMER!!!! We have opened our pool and working to get the the green out!! This means it is just around the corner!

3.  I love little league baseball! All the kiddos have so much fun. Last night was Carter's first game. I didn't get any pictures because it was so dusty, but don't worry they will come!

4.  I  love our lunch hour walks! Erica, Ashlee and I take a nice stroll through Muncie Court (a subdivision) and it helps me get through the second half of the day!

5.  I am looking forward going shopping this weekend with my Momma! I have to finish up the kids Easter presents and get Maddie some summer clothes and Carter some baseball shoes! And maybe squeeze me in a few new finds!

6.  Is really hoping I can get my vehicle cleaned up today! It is so nasty!

7.  Really, really, really wishes that Maddie would stay in her bed all night!!!! :/ She starts out in her own bed and around 3:00 she comes to our bed. It would be different if she laid still and wouldnt' kick the covers down!! She is the worse bed partner ever!!! She kicks, lays side ways, and makes sucking noises with her mouth, kind of like she still has a passy!!! Carter is easy to sleep with, he will lay still and never move, not wild woman!!!!

Happy Hump Day!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Annual 1000+ Easter Egg Hunt

My wonderful parents and even more wonderful as grandparents have an Easter Egg hunt every year for us and our friends and family's children.  They have been doing this since Riley and Carter were 3 years old. All the kids really enjoy themselves and I think the "Big" kids do too! This year there was well over 1000 eggs and was our biggest attendance ever. I was so glad that the weather was nice for them to hunt the eggs, because I really would  have hated to had to pick up all these eggs!!!!

the field of eggs!!

Maddie, Grandaddy and Riley

Carter has been practicing all week hunting eggs!!! He loves it so much. I can remember when I was little I loved hunting eggs as well. I would have Susan to hide the eggs over and over for me to hunt them.  After about 2 hidings she was done with me. And I would have to have one of my whiney fits until Momma made her hide them again for me!!

Lined up ready to take off

Probably the youngest hunter, and most definetly one of the cutest!

Maddie Dale claiming her eggs!

Carter and HJ hunting them some eggs!

Joey became the official egg guard! The kids baskets got so full they had to empty and start fresh!! He was "stealing" all the candy out of them!!!

Riley and Trey gathering their eggs up!

All the kiddos that participated!! I am very proud of this group of kids, all of them are smiling and looking good!!!

After the hunt, all the kids were treated to cupcakes, juice drinks, Robin egg candy, rabbit shaped marshmellows and some awesome little sugar cookies with a drop of icing, which I think that Joey took care of most of them, the last count I had he had eaten about 25!!!!!

Maddie, Collin and Cole enjoying their snacks!

Maddie being bashful with Joey Jack and him eating his 50th cookie!!!! We like to joke with him and those cookies, they are his favorite!!!

After we got home from the hunt, Chris mowed the yard and I grilled out. Oh my comfort food!!!!!!! I needed something to keep the kids occupied around back while Chris was mowing around front, so I pulled out my bucket of sidewalk chalk and the kids decorated the back porch!!

Drawing on the backporch

Maddie wanted me to write all of our names!

Yum!! Cabbage!

Yum! Cabbage!!!

Hambugers and some shoulder, food for comfort!!! My favorite kind of food!!!

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!!!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Gold Fish that Keeps on Growing

Yesterday Chris came home from work and said we need to clean Carter's fish tank. I was like it isn't dirty; I mean I feed the fish every morning and I hadn't noticed anything. Chris hollered for me to come into Carter's room and he had turned the light on the tank and OMG, it was GREEEN!!! Like so green you couldn't see the fish or the background, nothing!!!! He asked me if I had been feeding them and I said yes. But it is usually 6:00 am, room is still dark and I have not paid any attention to these fish!!! To be quite honest I wish they would take a swim down the porcelain tunnel!!! I know.... how mean of me! They are a pain in the rump to clean and I would like to get him a night stand to put where the tank is so he could have more room to put things and be able to sit his lamp on.

Chris would like for them to be gone as well. However he isn't as cold hearted as I can be sometimes!! I said lets put them in our pond. He was like, the catfish will eat them. He said that is like committing a murder. I said no, when we put them in the pond they were alive, we can't help they didn't swim fast enough from the catfish!

So while cleaning the tank my mom called and I tried to pan them off on her. She quickly said a big N-O!!! So I called Kim. She has a HUGE fish tank with tropical fish and it is always so clean and pretty. She was afraid that the goldfish and tropical fish couldn't live together. I think that was her nice way of saying NO, I don't want your stupid goldfish!! That's okay, Kim I understand, trust me!!

Then Chris remembered, my friend Teresa has a goldfish pond!! I was so happy, I said Great!!! So I called Teresa and gave her the big spill about the green tank and was hoping she would say just bring them on over and put them in my pond. But she never did, so I asked hey don't you need some more fish in your pond. She started dying laughing, she hasn't had her pond for several years now!!!! Actually she never got any fish in it ever!!! Shows how much I pay attention while driving by!!!

SOOOOO big boy is back in his house and swimming rather happily. This fish was a $.29 fish from Wal-Mart. He is huge!!!! He was maybe an inch long when we got him!!! So on lives Big Boy!!!

Big Boy

I do think this picture is kind of neat, all four fish are in it, and the 2 rocks you see came from Alaska, when my Dad went Salmon fishing!!!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up Part 2

To finish up my weekend wrap-up......

We traveled to Shepherdsville, KY this weekend, Susan, Riley, my Momma, Maddie and me to a baby shower. Lindsey, is having a baby and her sister Kelsey are like my little sisters that I never had. I cannot hardly believe that Lindsey is old enough to be married let alone be having a baby!!!! And Kelsey will soon be graduating from college. Lindsey and Kelsey have always been very special to me.  Their grandparents lived about a mile from me and while growing up and they would come here on the weekends to visit along with their parents and then spend weeks at a time during the summer. They would come home with us from church and Lindsey would follow my dad around all the time, saying GERRY GERRY!!!!! Daddy would just shake his head!!  Our families have always been very close. As I said their grandparents were my neighbors but they were more like another set of grandparents to Susan and me. When I was born Susan stayed with their mom, Robin while Momma was in the hospital, my Momma was Robin's Maid-of Honor and Susan was in the wedding as well, Lindsey and Kelsey were both in my wedding, Lindsey came and stayed with me after I had Maddie, my kids were in Lindsey's wedding, and now Lindsey is getting ready to have a baby!!! To say we have always been present in each others lives is an understatement, especially the special moments. We only get to see one another a few times a year but I am very thankful for those visits!! Now Lindsey is all grown up graduated from college, bought a house, got married, now getting ready to have a baby!!! And before too long Kelsey will be doing the same!!! My little sisters has grown up!!!!!

Lindsey and I and baby Ethan!!

Lindsey and Kelsey at her wedding

Maddie and Lindsey at her wedding

Carter, Maddie and Riley were apart of Lindsey's wedding

Kelsey, Maddie and I

Both girls have grown up to be beautiful, polite young women!!! Love yall!!!!!!!!

Maddie Dale amazes me everyday, with the things she says!! She is so big when she talks and does not forget anything! She talks all the time (wonder where she gets that from!!) and sometimes is so dramatic in her actions!! While I was off she "helped" me a lot. On Thursday she played with her cousin Lindsey. But on Friday she walked almost every step that I did. On Friday morning she and I went to Glasgow to get some pea gravel and she talked nonstop all the way. Along the way is the hospital and doctor's offices. She said "there is where Granny goes to the doctor when she fell and hurt her arm", (Dr Reddy) and then she said "there is where I was born" (hospital...Carter has told her) and then she said "there is my and Carter's doctors" (the entrance of Dr. Brooks)!!!!! She will also tell  me everyday in route to the babysitter "Look Momma there is Baby Griffin's swing!!" Baby Griffin is a friend's little baby! When she is really telling a story she will always use the expression "Fo Really" and is shaking her head!!

Dear Maddie,
I have no idea even where to start with you.  You are such a ray of sunshine! You can brighten up the darkest rooms and cheer up the saddest person. If anyone is sad while around you there is something wrong! Your imagination and personality can run wild and I love every minute of it. You are so funny when you dress up in your princess dresses and shoes, or when you wear my high heels or my muck boots. I love our conversations when your eyes get big and you get excited when talking and say your famous words "Fo Really"!!! I love how you rub ears when getting sleepy, especially your Daddy's.  I love your sweet face, your sweet teeth and and how your eye teeth are very pointy. I love your perfect eyebrows, how they arch so perfect. I love when you let me put your hair in pigtails and when I paint your toes.  I couldn't imagine life without you, I love you very very much!!!!!!
Love, Momma

Have a Great day!!!
Take Time to Smell the Roses,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Seven Random things I Really Really Like!!!!! Happy Wacky Wednesday!!!!

1.  Bags....I love any kind of bag. I have several, okay a bunch, but you can always use a good bag of some sort.  A person is always needing to one to take to the beach, overnight stay somewhere, a church bag with snacks, kids overnight bags, and yes I have a different one for every one of those mentioned!

Mom....I really like this print from Vera!!!!!!!!

Great beach, overnight, church bags!!!

I just bought this set of luggage, and Chris informed me he wouldn't pull it to the barn!!!! I had a solid black, do you know how many black suticases are on a terminal in an airport!!!

2.  Cabbage....YUMMMMMMMM I love Cabbage cooked on the grill. I had every intention while I was off work to cook some and never did, I worked to hard..LOL. So I have every intention to cook me some this weekend, I don't care if it is cool or not!!

3. Hair Supplies....I am a junkie or maybe call me gullable when it comes to hair supplies!! I have naturally frizzy hair! It used to be curly, now it just frizzes. So I have to flat iron everyday. Also I am loaded down with some grey, so I have to color every 6 weeks. Both of those are very hard on your hair, so any kind of product that mentions making your hair shiney, contains flyaways, helps straigten, I am all for it!! Here are a few of my favorite products!

Super Skinny, controls frizz

Helps straighten

Leave in conditioner/makes shiney



4.  A Good feeling, right length Jeans!!!  There is nothing any better than a better of bluejeans that fit just right!!

American eagle, Fit just right

A&F fit just right too!

5.  Sound of a Harley! Chris has a Harley and nothing sounds any better than a Harley! You can usually pick out a Harley a mile away and a wanta be Harley!

6.  Ink Pens......Another obession! When I was in high school, I worked at a pharmacy and pharmaceutical reps were allowed to come to drug stores at that time and I loved when they come in because they have the best ink pens in the world!! I have a drawer at home with lots of good pens and I am very picky on which ones I will let the kids use!! Weird I know!!!!

7.  Spring Flowers....For some reason spring flowers are so  much prettier and smell so much better than flowers any other time. Maybe it is because we have been in so many months with no color, no aroma to fill the air. I so love Spring flowers!!

Lilac bush


cala lily
Have a Good Wednesday!!