Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

Shew it has been a while since I last posted!!!

Trying to think all that has happened in our little world since then.........I went with Carter's class on their field trip to Hodgenville to Abe Lincoln's birthplace. It was fun. I had never been before so it was neat to see. The kids didn't seem really thrilled with it. Carter liked the spring best!!! He wanted to go fishing in it!!

The cabin

Rudy, Carter and Elliot in front of the building where the cabin is.

in front of the cabin

the spring
Carter in front of a statue at the gift shop

Saturday, Momma and I went shopping! We had so much fun, I had not been shopping since Christmas!! A little retail therapy does the body good!!! Chris kept the kids all day Saturday and they did a little shopping too!! Him and the kids took off to Bowling Green to Toys R Us and got Maddie a pink Jeep!!! She had been wanting one forever. Carter has a dirt bike, 4-wheeler and a jeep. So it was time Maddie had her own toy!!! She loves it. She has only rode it for about 10 minutes; the battery had to charge for 18 hours on Saturday and it rained pretty much off and on all day yesterday! So I am hoping this afternoon she will get to do some cruising!!!

The Easter Bunny hopped  his way to our house on Saturday night. Before bed time Maddie was so serious and she said I hope that bunny don't poop in my floor!!! I about cracked up!!! I said yeah I hope he don't either, Maddie says yeah we will shoot him!!!! Then Carter says we need to be sure and put Ruby up so she doesn't bite the bunny!!!! Carter went to bed around 9:00 and it was 10:30 before Maddie would give it up!!! She is getting so hard to put down for bed!

Maddie showing her bikini!!

Carter with his John Morrison WWE wrestler

Easter was so nasty. After church we always hunt eggs and we had to hunt them in the basement and in the annex. The kids didn't seem to mind!!! We have had several hunts already!! Friday afternoon I hid about 200 eggs in our front yard just for them and they had a blast hunting for them!!! Maddie would only pick up the pink ones for the longest time!!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!!!!

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