Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Things have been crazy around our house for the last few days, so some of my random things may be things I dislike!!!!

1.  First and foremost I am sick of storms!!! I am not scared of storms, as long as no tornadoes are in sight. But the rain and thunder doesn't bother me. I am not a freaker when it comes to storm. Now Chris can be a little bit freaky!!! We had to sleep with the television on last night with the anticipation of the storms but Chris slept right through it. He did wake up as soon as they were and tried to convince he had been awake during them, but I heard him, snoring like a giant!!!

2. I love SUMMER!!!! We have opened our pool and working to get the the green out!! This means it is just around the corner!

3.  I love little league baseball! All the kiddos have so much fun. Last night was Carter's first game. I didn't get any pictures because it was so dusty, but don't worry they will come!

4.  I  love our lunch hour walks! Erica, Ashlee and I take a nice stroll through Muncie Court (a subdivision) and it helps me get through the second half of the day!

5.  I am looking forward going shopping this weekend with my Momma! I have to finish up the kids Easter presents and get Maddie some summer clothes and Carter some baseball shoes! And maybe squeeze me in a few new finds!

6.  Is really hoping I can get my vehicle cleaned up today! It is so nasty!

7.  Really, really, really wishes that Maddie would stay in her bed all night!!!! :/ She starts out in her own bed and around 3:00 she comes to our bed. It would be different if she laid still and wouldnt' kick the covers down!! She is the worse bed partner ever!!! She kicks, lays side ways, and makes sucking noises with her mouth, kind of like she still has a passy!!! Carter is easy to sleep with, he will lay still and never move, not wild woman!!!!

Happy Hump Day!!!

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