Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Wacky Wednesday is seven random things about me!! Enjoy!!

1.  Matthew McConaughey......................need I say more!!!! He is soooo dreamy!! I love his voice, his hair, his chest, his legs, everything about him!!!!! He is my all-time favorite actor!!

2.  Tanning- I love to tan!!! Yes I know it is very risky, can cause skin cancer, etc.  But in my opinion, these days what isn't a risk. Driving your car, walking to the mailbox, drinking caffeine, drinking diet drinks, the list could go on and on about danger. I do use sunscreen on my face, don't want to enhance the aging process any sooner than it already has!!  I could lay on a beach everyday, lay on my float in my pool everyday, this would make me happy, very happy. This summer we are going to Orange Beach and I absolutely cannot wait!!! It has been 4 years since I have been to the ocean. Now Chris on the otherhand, not so much!!! He doesn't like the sun and sand,and all that I crave!!! My kiddos are water dogs as well. They love the water and all it offers.
Maddie and I at the lake

Carter and I at SomerSplash!

Carter in our pool!

We make our own diving boards!!!! The bigger the better for Carter!

3. Pigtails......I love pigtails!!!! I think they are so cute on little girls and even on big girls!!! Maddie loves when she has pigtails. When I get ready to part her hair, she will say down to the nose! I am excited my hair has gotton longer and I am going to attempt to fix me some pigtails that hang lower and maybe some braids!!! Who knows, I will be sure and post pictures if I do!!! haha

Maddie's first pigtails!!!

Maddie's first braids!

4. Little Girl Clothes................... I could go BROKE buying clothes for Maddie!!!!! Little girl's clothes are so much cuter than boys. And at the age Carter is, it is not cool to say cute!!!

Even Little Girls in their shorts and rubber boots!!!

5. Purses...........Oh my gosh...I love them!!! I really think I have a problem with purses. I would be embarassed to tell how many I actually have!!!! It is bad....real BAD!!!! My Mom used to never buy a purse because she knew within months that I would be buying a  new one and she could  have the one that I was carrying!

6. 4th of July...........I love the 4th of July!!!! I love the smell of bbq grills, kids splashing in the pool and the bang of firecrackers!!! I am like a kid when it comes to shooting off fireworks!!! The bigger the better!!! Since Chris and I have been married, he has always went to TN to buy fireworks. I always ask him did you get the "big daddy"!!! The finale is always my favorite, but it also means no more sparkles until the next year :(

Kendall, two years ago on 4th of July, it rained, but it didn't stop us!!

Carter, on 4th of July!!

7. Tomatoes from the garden............I love yellow tomatoes from the garden!!! They are very delish!!! I have to eat the yellow ones, because the red ones have to much acid in them and I get the little blisters in my mouth.  My Daddy always puts out extra yellow plants for me in his garden. I bought a tomato at the store this weekend, and it was okay, but it wasn't "out of my daddy's garden tasting"!!!


Ashlee said...

Since you forgot to tell everyone that you also love Matthew's tan, I will tell them for you. KELLY ALSO LOVES MATTHEW'S TAN! =)

Kim said...

I too have to eat yellow tomatoes because of all the acid in the red ones. I am also very lucky in the summer time because my Dad supplies me with plenty of juicy yellow tomatoes!
Love your blog :-)

Kelly Jo said...

I love them too!!!!!and Thank ya!!!