Thursday, April 14, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up Part 2

To finish up my weekend wrap-up......

We traveled to Shepherdsville, KY this weekend, Susan, Riley, my Momma, Maddie and me to a baby shower. Lindsey, is having a baby and her sister Kelsey are like my little sisters that I never had. I cannot hardly believe that Lindsey is old enough to be married let alone be having a baby!!!! And Kelsey will soon be graduating from college. Lindsey and Kelsey have always been very special to me.  Their grandparents lived about a mile from me and while growing up and they would come here on the weekends to visit along with their parents and then spend weeks at a time during the summer. They would come home with us from church and Lindsey would follow my dad around all the time, saying GERRY GERRY!!!!! Daddy would just shake his head!!  Our families have always been very close. As I said their grandparents were my neighbors but they were more like another set of grandparents to Susan and me. When I was born Susan stayed with their mom, Robin while Momma was in the hospital, my Momma was Robin's Maid-of Honor and Susan was in the wedding as well, Lindsey and Kelsey were both in my wedding, Lindsey came and stayed with me after I had Maddie, my kids were in Lindsey's wedding, and now Lindsey is getting ready to have a baby!!! To say we have always been present in each others lives is an understatement, especially the special moments. We only get to see one another a few times a year but I am very thankful for those visits!! Now Lindsey is all grown up graduated from college, bought a house, got married, now getting ready to have a baby!!! And before too long Kelsey will be doing the same!!! My little sisters has grown up!!!!!

Lindsey and I and baby Ethan!!

Lindsey and Kelsey at her wedding

Maddie and Lindsey at her wedding

Carter, Maddie and Riley were apart of Lindsey's wedding

Kelsey, Maddie and I

Both girls have grown up to be beautiful, polite young women!!! Love yall!!!!!!!!

Maddie Dale amazes me everyday, with the things she says!! She is so big when she talks and does not forget anything! She talks all the time (wonder where she gets that from!!) and sometimes is so dramatic in her actions!! While I was off she "helped" me a lot. On Thursday she played with her cousin Lindsey. But on Friday she walked almost every step that I did. On Friday morning she and I went to Glasgow to get some pea gravel and she talked nonstop all the way. Along the way is the hospital and doctor's offices. She said "there is where Granny goes to the doctor when she fell and hurt her arm", (Dr Reddy) and then she said "there is where I was born" (hospital...Carter has told her) and then she said "there is my and Carter's doctors" (the entrance of Dr. Brooks)!!!!! She will also tell  me everyday in route to the babysitter "Look Momma there is Baby Griffin's swing!!" Baby Griffin is a friend's little baby! When she is really telling a story she will always use the expression "Fo Really" and is shaking her head!!

Dear Maddie,
I have no idea even where to start with you.  You are such a ray of sunshine! You can brighten up the darkest rooms and cheer up the saddest person. If anyone is sad while around you there is something wrong! Your imagination and personality can run wild and I love every minute of it. You are so funny when you dress up in your princess dresses and shoes, or when you wear my high heels or my muck boots. I love our conversations when your eyes get big and you get excited when talking and say your famous words "Fo Really"!!! I love how you rub ears when getting sleepy, especially your Daddy's.  I love your sweet face, your sweet teeth and and how your eye teeth are very pointy. I love your perfect eyebrows, how they arch so perfect. I love when you let me put your hair in pigtails and when I paint your toes.  I couldn't imagine life without you, I love you very very much!!!!!!
Love, Momma

Have a Great day!!!
Take Time to Smell the Roses,

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