Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Gold Fish that Keeps on Growing

Yesterday Chris came home from work and said we need to clean Carter's fish tank. I was like it isn't dirty; I mean I feed the fish every morning and I hadn't noticed anything. Chris hollered for me to come into Carter's room and he had turned the light on the tank and OMG, it was GREEEN!!! Like so green you couldn't see the fish or the background, nothing!!!! He asked me if I had been feeding them and I said yes. But it is usually 6:00 am, room is still dark and I have not paid any attention to these fish!!! To be quite honest I wish they would take a swim down the porcelain tunnel!!! I know.... how mean of me! They are a pain in the rump to clean and I would like to get him a night stand to put where the tank is so he could have more room to put things and be able to sit his lamp on.

Chris would like for them to be gone as well. However he isn't as cold hearted as I can be sometimes!! I said lets put them in our pond. He was like, the catfish will eat them. He said that is like committing a murder. I said no, when we put them in the pond they were alive, we can't help they didn't swim fast enough from the catfish!

So while cleaning the tank my mom called and I tried to pan them off on her. She quickly said a big N-O!!! So I called Kim. She has a HUGE fish tank with tropical fish and it is always so clean and pretty. She was afraid that the goldfish and tropical fish couldn't live together. I think that was her nice way of saying NO, I don't want your stupid goldfish!! That's okay, Kim I understand, trust me!!

Then Chris remembered, my friend Teresa has a goldfish pond!! I was so happy, I said Great!!! So I called Teresa and gave her the big spill about the green tank and was hoping she would say just bring them on over and put them in my pond. But she never did, so I asked hey don't you need some more fish in your pond. She started dying laughing, she hasn't had her pond for several years now!!!! Actually she never got any fish in it ever!!! Shows how much I pay attention while driving by!!!

SOOOOO big boy is back in his house and swimming rather happily. This fish was a $.29 fish from Wal-Mart. He is huge!!!! He was maybe an inch long when we got him!!! So on lives Big Boy!!!

Big Boy

I do think this picture is kind of neat, all four fish are in it, and the 2 rocks you see came from Alaska, when my Dad went Salmon fishing!!!



Ashlee said...

Poor little fishies!!!!!!! If I had a tank, they could come live with me.

Jessica Tucker said...

I've laughed at this you and a mix of any animal/ fish scares me...Seriously, I would hand over my children to you in a heart beat and know they are taken care of...but, not sure if I would send my cat to your house... Stong fish, glad they live on :)

Kelly Jo said...

Ashlee I will give you a fish tank!!!!

Jessica- I have cracked up at your comment!!! I have one kitty now that I love dearly, and I love my calves!!! And yes I would love to take your kids in at my house anytime and I promise not to flush them down the porcelian drain!!!