Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up!!! Part One

My two days off with the kids have been wonderful!!!!! I have got so many things accomplished around the house and been able to be with the kids all at the same time! My landscaping is complete!!! I am so happy with it! In the front I still need to dig 2 bushes up and I am going to plant some day lillies. But other than that I am finished!! I have enjoyed doing the work with the help of some, but I am really glad it is finished!!!

Here are some before and after pictures!!!
These are the front of the house!

These are around back

I am so in love with my work!!! I still need to rake up the old gravel in front, but I am very pleased!!!

The kids have played and played outside. Carter has rode his bike, 4-wheeler and dirtbike all weekend. He has been fishing with Grandaddy and hung out with Daddy all weekend. He is growing up so fast. Next month he will 7 years old, gosh it doesn't seem like he should be that old already!! He has been a spitfire from the day he was born, he has brought so much excitement into our lives that I can't even begin to describe!!!

And to him I write:
You are such a blessing!!! I thank God everyday for you that he put you in my life. You are growing up to be a fine little man. However I wish that you were still a little tike! But what fun you are now! I love the converstations we get to have together and the time that just you and I have, like Sunday afternoon!!! I will forever cherish those times! I love every ounce of you and always will!! I love the way you use your imagination when you build your farms, fight with your wrestlers, smile so sweet at me, hug me tight, and everything about you. I can tell you are growing up, because I usually have to bribe you to get a kiss out of you these days, and I love how you say, "I am growing up!!!" Carter, I love you more than anything, you will never know!

Part 2 , to be continued!!

Have a Great Day!!


Erica said...

Job well done on your landscaping!! It looks really good! :) Your note to Carter is so sweet. Enjoy the younger years...because w/in a blink of an eye he'll be 12 going on 13 like Max!!

Kelly Jo said...

Thank you Erica!!! It was a back breaker!! I know, next month he will be 7, doesn't seem possible :(