Monday, April 18, 2011

The Annual 1000+ Easter Egg Hunt

My wonderful parents and even more wonderful as grandparents have an Easter Egg hunt every year for us and our friends and family's children.  They have been doing this since Riley and Carter were 3 years old. All the kids really enjoy themselves and I think the "Big" kids do too! This year there was well over 1000 eggs and was our biggest attendance ever. I was so glad that the weather was nice for them to hunt the eggs, because I really would  have hated to had to pick up all these eggs!!!!

the field of eggs!!

Maddie, Grandaddy and Riley

Carter has been practicing all week hunting eggs!!! He loves it so much. I can remember when I was little I loved hunting eggs as well. I would have Susan to hide the eggs over and over for me to hunt them.  After about 2 hidings she was done with me. And I would have to have one of my whiney fits until Momma made her hide them again for me!!

Lined up ready to take off

Probably the youngest hunter, and most definetly one of the cutest!

Maddie Dale claiming her eggs!

Carter and HJ hunting them some eggs!

Joey became the official egg guard! The kids baskets got so full they had to empty and start fresh!! He was "stealing" all the candy out of them!!!

Riley and Trey gathering their eggs up!

All the kiddos that participated!! I am very proud of this group of kids, all of them are smiling and looking good!!!

After the hunt, all the kids were treated to cupcakes, juice drinks, Robin egg candy, rabbit shaped marshmellows and some awesome little sugar cookies with a drop of icing, which I think that Joey took care of most of them, the last count I had he had eaten about 25!!!!!

Maddie, Collin and Cole enjoying their snacks!

Maddie being bashful with Joey Jack and him eating his 50th cookie!!!! We like to joke with him and those cookies, they are his favorite!!!

After we got home from the hunt, Chris mowed the yard and I grilled out. Oh my comfort food!!!!!!! I needed something to keep the kids occupied around back while Chris was mowing around front, so I pulled out my bucket of sidewalk chalk and the kids decorated the back porch!!

Drawing on the backporch

Maddie wanted me to write all of our names!

Yum!! Cabbage!

Yum! Cabbage!!!

Hambugers and some shoulder, food for comfort!!! My favorite kind of food!!!

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!!!


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