Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Seven Random things I Really Really Like!!!!! Happy Wacky Wednesday!!!!

1.  Bags....I love any kind of bag. I have several, okay a bunch, but you can always use a good bag of some sort.  A person is always needing to one to take to the beach, overnight stay somewhere, a church bag with snacks, kids overnight bags, and yes I have a different one for every one of those mentioned!

Mom....I really like this print from Vera!!!!!!!!

Great beach, overnight, church bags!!!

I just bought this set of luggage, and Chris informed me he wouldn't pull it to the barn!!!! I had a solid black, do you know how many black suticases are on a terminal in an airport!!!

2.  Cabbage....YUMMMMMMMM I love Cabbage cooked on the grill. I had every intention while I was off work to cook some and never did, I worked to hard..LOL. So I have every intention to cook me some this weekend, I don't care if it is cool or not!!

3. Hair Supplies....I am a junkie or maybe call me gullable when it comes to hair supplies!! I have naturally frizzy hair! It used to be curly, now it just frizzes. So I have to flat iron everyday. Also I am loaded down with some grey, so I have to color every 6 weeks. Both of those are very hard on your hair, so any kind of product that mentions making your hair shiney, contains flyaways, helps straigten, I am all for it!! Here are a few of my favorite products!

Super Skinny, controls frizz

Helps straighten

Leave in conditioner/makes shiney



4.  A Good feeling, right length Jeans!!!  There is nothing any better than a better of bluejeans that fit just right!!

American eagle, Fit just right

A&F fit just right too!

5.  Sound of a Harley! Chris has a Harley and nothing sounds any better than a Harley! You can usually pick out a Harley a mile away and a wanta be Harley!

6.  Ink Pens......Another obession! When I was in high school, I worked at a pharmacy and pharmaceutical reps were allowed to come to drug stores at that time and I loved when they come in because they have the best ink pens in the world!! I have a drawer at home with lots of good pens and I am very picky on which ones I will let the kids use!! Weird I know!!!!

7.  Spring Flowers....For some reason spring flowers are so  much prettier and smell so much better than flowers any other time. Maybe it is because we have been in so many months with no color, no aroma to fill the air. I so love Spring flowers!!

Lilac bush


cala lily
Have a Good Wednesday!!

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