Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blast From the Past - Carnival Cruising

 One day a week, I will blog about a Blast from the Past!!!! This week it is about our cruises!!! I have been on 3 Carnival Cruises and saying that I love them is an understatement!!!! It is the perfect vacation. All your food is included in your ticket. You are able to experience the different islands, experience new cultures and new foods.  It is a perfect vacation for Chris and I. He can stay in the casino as long as he wants or I should say as long as he wallet allows him too and I can soak up the sun as long as I wish!!! There is food 24  hours a day. Kim, my cruising partner, and I ate the entire time we were on the boat. She and I have been on every cruise together, with the exception of one. We would have ice cream or pizza at 2 or 3 in the morning!!!!!!

My first cruise was to Cozumel, Mexico, with 8 other wonderful friends. We ported from New Orleans, man was that a long drive!!! Getting to experience NOLA was great in itself. It was pre-Katrina, so I am glad that I got to see how it was before that diaster occured. I wished I could have had one more day to tour the city and see the old side of it.

Second cruise was to the Bahamas, with 20 wonderful friends. Twelve of us flew into Orlando, got in a van and traveled to Cocoa Beach and stayed the night there. The other 8 drove down. The weather when we landed in Orlando was FREEZING!!! None of us was prepared for the weather we were about to experience. We were traveling to the Caribbean, who packs sweatshirts and jeans, none of us!!!! We had to go and buy some!!!

Bahamas, at the Atlantis Resort

Sharna, Tracy, myself, Kim, and Andrea sitting on the throne of Zues inside Atlantis!

Sharna, Andrea, Kim, myself, Ashley enjoying ourselves in Cocoa Beach!!!!

Me, Ashley and Andrea, about to FREEZE at Cocoa Beach!!!!

Kim's hair blowing wild on the ship!

And the third one was to Grand Cayman Islands and to Jamaica with 12 wonderful friends. All 12 of us flew into Ft Lauderdale and then jumped in a van who drove us to Miami, FL where we boarded a grand Carnival ship. If I had to choose this was probably the best cruise I have been on. I loved the islands we stopped at. The water was crystal clear and blue as the sky.  The weather was perfect!!!! However around all the resorts the islands are so nice and elegant, but once you travel away from the resorts, they are pretty much nastey, to say it blunt.

Me, Kim and Courtney on formal night.

Kim and I before we left port.

Chris and Dale in his tie dye shirt, and Chris with is battle wounds from the coral reef at the Grand Caymans!

Chris and I notice his wounds on his forehead from the coral reef!!! And my sunburned face!!

Dunns River Falls, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Daniel, Chris and I at the Falls as we are climbing it

Chris putting his flippers on at Grand Cayman to go snorkeling.

So there ya have it, I LOVE CRUISING!! And can't wait to go on another one!!!!

Sorry for the pictures being all crazy, when I scanned them in, it scanned them really small.

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Ashlee said...

I am so ready to go on a cruise after looking at these!!!

Erica said...

I am with Ashlee....even though I technically haven't traveled w/ you, I feel like I have! Love your pics and descriptions. One day I hope to "cruise" like you have...to a wonderful, beautiful place(s)!! :)

Kelly Jo said...

I think we need to get about 10 of us together and take and ALL girls cruise!!!!!! Yall game???? Wonder if the 3 of us could all get off at the same time??!!!

Kim said...

I want to go back with a bunch of friends!!! I took the kids last year and they absolutely loved it! I'm ready to go again this year :-)
Fun times ~

Kelly Jo said...

I would love to go with a bunch of girl friends!! About 10 of us!! Now that would be a vacation!!!!