Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

This week I am going to list the complete opposite of what I have been doing, the things that I don't like or even totally despise!!!!

1. RAIN..............Enough already!!!!!!!!  I don't like it when it comes all at once, I should clarify!! Rain is good when we need it, but right now, we do not!! The ground is so saturated it will take weeks to dry out. The farmers are needing to get their fields ready to start planting corn, setting tobacco, fertilizing the hay fields, planting gardens and with all this rain there is no way a tractor could even get in a field.

2. TICKS..........These little boogers are so annoying!!! I have already seen my fair share this year!! About a month ago, Carter was walking through the living room with no shirt on and I noticed a "black speck" on his back, AFTER I had already gave him a bath and it was a tick that gone in. Chris got the end of a bobby pin hot and it backed it's head out. URGH!!!!!!!!

3.  I cannot stand when it is raining and I have on sandals or flip flops, I hate my feet getting wet!!!! But it doesn't bother me while at the pool or at the lake, doesn't make sense does it!!! Yuck!!

4.  HAIR ROOTS!!! Any color roots, black, blonde and grey!!!! And currently I have grey ones!!!!!! URGH!!!!

5.  When you call or text someone and they don't return your call. Or even worse, when you call someone and they don't answer; but you can text someone and they will text you back in 10 seconds!!! That drives me nuts!!!! Can't stand it!!! Why don't you just say I don't want to talk to you, might as well as been broadcasted!!! Now I know you might be able not to talk but can text and that is totally understandable!

6.  I hate when all the pretty flowers die :( Right now I have very pretty Iris blooming and I know next week they will all be ugly or maybe even sooner after these winds come through tonight!!!

7.  Did I mention RAIN!!!! Not rain in general, just large quanties like we are having now!!! I think we might need to get our lifejackets out and boat oars!!!!


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