Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Catching Up!!

Man it has been a while since I last blogged!!! It seems like everything is going on all at once, but then again nothing that important either. All this rain has prevented us from doing much of anything outdoors and boy my yard shows it too!!! If we let it grow a couple more weeks, we could probably get about 50 square bales of hay!!!! Hopefully it will be dry enough to mow this afternoon.

This past weekend, was great. Saturday was so nice outside and Chris and I particpated in an event that is very special to us, the Allie's Gang March of Dimes motorcyle ride. One of my very best friends Jessica is Allie's mom and she responsible for this motorcycle ride every year as a fund raiser for the March of Dimes and Ronald McDonald House. Jessica is very active member in MoD and the Ronald McDonald house.  Jessica knows all to well about these two organizations.

Jessica and I at Hodgenville, our destination on the bike ride!!!

Carter was born 9 weeks early at 31 weeks only weighing 3lbs. In 16 days he will be 7 years old, more on him and his BIRTHday later.  But he is the reason that the March of Dimes is so special to me and the Ronald McDonald House.  Every fall there is a MofD walk to raise money for the cause and I have walked the last 3 years and wouldn't miss it for nothing.

While sitting behind Chris on the Harley, I thought how thankful we are to have 2 very special kids who are healthy, happy and growing. That is one thing I love about riding the Harley, it is a wonderful place to clear your mind and think about anything and everything or to not think about anything, not having a care in the world. I am hoping to ride much more this summer. Chris has tried to teach to ride before and I am scared to death. I do well to ride Carter's little 50 dirtbike!!! There is to much to remember to clutch, brake, and change gears all at the same time while handling a motorcycle on........ 2 wheels!!!! Now I can clutch, change gears, drive, talk on phone and change the radio in a car, but a bike is way too much for me!!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and maybe I will get back in the swing of things soon!!! I know I will have a great post next week!!!!!!!!!!!!

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