Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Celebrating Carter's 7th Birthday!

Friday was Carter's actual BIRTHday!  I had told him that when he got home from school his present would be awaiting for him!!  Chris and I got him a new bike and he loved it!!!!! He rode all afternoon until it was time for very first experience at Coon hunting!!!

*** And I forgot to take a picture!!!! :/****URGH

 About a month ago we watched Where the Red Fern Grows. I think all kids should have to watch the movie and read the book. I can remember reading the book when I was in 7th grade, and I still cry everytime I watch the movie. Anyway enough about me......Carter has wanted to go coon hunting like Billy.  And even more he wants his own coon dogs!!  There is some guys that Chris works with who has coon dogs and go hunting almost every weekend and they invited Chris and Carter to tag along with them.  I had no desire to go but I so wished I could have been there to seen the look in Carter's eye. Chris said he loved every minute of it and when the dogs, Hannah Montana and Misty (the dog owners have daughters thus the dog's names!!), treed their first coon, Carter was so excited!!! He called me around 10:30 and said that they had a very successful night!!!

*** sorry no pictures*** I know I am sad too!!! :(

They got home around 12:30 and Carter was still awake, and for those who know Carter that is way late for him!!!! He was so excited telling me about his night. After he got out of the bath we laid in bed and gave me a full detailed report of the night, and slowly his eyes got heavier and heavier until he was asleep in no time!!!

On Saturday was his party for all his friends, and it was held at the local Skating Rink and boy was it hot!!! He had so many friends to attend his party and we are so thankful to have so many friends in our lives and that Carter has so many little friends as well!! He received many presents and money. THANK YOU ALL!!!!!

getting his skates on!

Carter and Cousin Collin

Birthday Boy

Carter and Cousin Kendall

And finally on Sunday, Chris, Carter and one of Chris's buddies went to see the new 3D Pirates of the Caribbean movie. He loved it as well. He was all tales when he came home, telling me all about the flying objects and what was "going to get him"!!!

Cousins, Lindsey and Kendall, Maddie and Carter

Aunt Susan

Kendall and Maddie

Lindsey and Carter

I feel like Carter has had a big birthday and I can't hardly believe that he is 7 years old!!!! Time flies when you are having fun!!!!!

Yummy Cake

Baby Sis cooling off in front of fan!
Cousin Riley
Maddie Dale is thinking she has got the hang of it!!

Singing Happy Birthday

Daddy and Maddie

Even Nana rolled out some skating!

Buddies, Cole, Rudy and Hayden

Carter, Rudy and Hayden

3 of the best friends a girl could ask for!!!

Cousins, Carter, Cole and Riley

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