Friday, May 20, 2011

May 20, 2004 1:45 am

"Kelly what do you want to name him? We have to name him before they take him to Vanderbilt." Those were the first words I heard after the baby was born from Chris.  We had talked about different names but had not decided on anything yet, figuring we had plenty of time. One of the names we discussed was Jacob Lee, actually that is written on my ultrasound video. Lee is Chris's middle name and that was the only name we knew for sure.  Another name we had mentioned was Carter, and it was funny how it came to be. So ya see, all of Chris's family is Democrats and mine is Repbublicans and I had told him if the baby was a girl, prior to finding out the gender, I liked the name Reagan, he said what Ronald Reagan, and I said fine then Jimmy Carter, and we talked about Carter but nothing was set in stone.  So apparently I told him to name the baby whatever he wanted, I feel like he knew better, so when I half way came coherent I learned that our baby was named Carter Lee.  I was able to see Carter before he was rushed to Vanderbilt, but vaguely remember it.  I remember he was in a little "box" and there was some nurses standing around him ready to wisk him off to the Guardian Angel, Vanderbilt Children's Hospital Ambulance.

Chris and his daddy went home to get changed and head to Nashville so they could be with Carter and my parents and sister stayed with me. I don't remember much until the next morning.  I do remember the first thing when I woke up was to call my high school principal to tell him that I wouldn't be in to teach that day and probably the next either!!! I had a morphine pump and it was some good stuff!!! Mr. Huffman re-assured me to not worry and chuckled at my crazy talk!! Momma filled him in on all the particulars of what was going on. Chris called often while at Vandy to keep us in the know of what all was going on.

Carter was given a dose of serfacton, the lubricant to cover the lungs and help them inflate and deflate on their own without being sticky.  He was also placed on a ventilator, however he pulled it out of his nose once he arrived at the hospital and the neonatalogist decided to see if would be okay without it and he was!!! He was on oxygen, feeding tube in his nose, and had an IV his is tiny foot. He was learning to suck a passy, and being fed 3ccs of milk every 3 hours.  On day 2 he was put under the lights for  his jaundice and had to wear little purple "sunglasses" to protect his eyes.

When I finally was at myself, I was surrounded by family and friends and Momma went over the list of people who had been by or called while I was still asleep. Apparently Chris called everyone under the moon about 5:00 in the morning to tell them the news of Carter being born and him transferred to the NICU in Nashville and all the details. I love hearing Kim's story of her phone call, it went something like this, but not exact I'm sure: Chris- Kim, Kelly has had the baby, she is in BG and the baby is in Nashville.  Kim- DO what, it isn't time for the baby to get here yet!! Chris- I know, you need to get to the hospital now!! I am on my way to Nashville and Kelly is still in BG!!! Kim- okay I am on my way!!!  Now what on earth his reasoning for demanding Kim to get to the hospital pronto was beyond me!!!! Anyway I was glad to see her!!

Chris bought a disposable camera while there and took pictures for me.  He came back to see me the following day and to tell me how things were going and brought the pictures for me to see.  My dad then went down with Chris to visit with Carter.  I was discharged from the hospital 2 days later, and boy was that the longest 2 days of my life and the longest car ride to Nashville ever!!! My sister drove, who was 30 weeks pregnant as well, and my mom rode shotgun and I was in the back in major pain from all the bumps on the interstate. I remember saying to Susan, I think she missed a couple of potholes!!! We got lost going to the hospital (before GPS) Chris had already called 3-4 times wondering where we were. Finally I made it!!! And I could not wait to get to see my baby boy and for the 3 of us all to be together! He was so tiny, 3lbs 10oz and 16 inches long. As my daddy referred to him, he didn't weigh as much as a sack of sugar!!

First time holding him!

We were very fortunate to be able to stay in the Ronald McDonald House for the next 10 days.  My mom stayed with us for the next 2 days.  We were in Nashville for a total of 10 days.  Carter was known as the little big man. He did so well!! In which I was/am so very blessed. We had lots of vistors and phone calls. After our stay at Nashville, Carter was transferred to the to the NICU at the Medical Center in Bowling Green, where he was born.  We will be there for the next 3 weeks.  I traveled to BG everyday for 3 weeks straight.  Chris had to go back to work after we come home from Nashville, so he came everynight to see us.  Finally on June 29, Carter was discharged from the hospital and our family was all together and we were going home!!!

Carter may have had a slow start in his life, but you sure can't tell it by looking at him now!!!! He is a very healthy 7 year old, rambunctious, outgoing little boy, who I love more than anything!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARTER LEE!!!!! And oh what a day it was on your BIRTHday!!!!

10 weeks old, first Doctor's visit

12 weeks old, first professional pictures made by Susan Rea

First Christmas, and the photo on the card!

The day you became a big brother!

1st day of preschool

the end of the first day of preschool, you were wore out!!! fell asleep sitting up!!

1st day of Kindergarten

spring 2011 now you are a big boy!


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