Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 19, 2004 at 9:30pm

I was sitting in my recliner getting ready to bed down (where I had been sleeping for quite sometime) when I got this "funny feeling". I just so happen to look at the clock and it was 9:30. I really didn't think much about it. Then at 9:33 I got another "funny feeling" and another at 9:36, and on and on. Finally around 10:00 I told Chris about what I was experiencing. He asked if I thought I was going into labor or was false labor pains, since I was only 31 weeks along. I said no it can't be labor pains, maybe some braxton hix. So I called a friend and asked her what her braxton hix felt like, as I remembered her telling me she had them with her son.  After getting off the phone, my pains got a little harder.  Chris went to bed and told me to get him up if I needed him.  They continued to get more intense. So I phoned my doctor who was in Bowling Green and I described the pains that I was having and the doctor on call advised me to come on in since I lived so far away.  I was so dreading waking Chris up, since this was on a Wednesday and he was suppose to work the next day, but I did. By this point the contractions were pretty intense.  He suggested I call my momma and have her ride with us. I did,  and she met us outside at her house and we headed to BG in my Monte Carlo SS. By the time we passed the Glasgow exit I was almost in the floor board of the car. I remember my Momma "pecking" Chris on the head telling him to speed up, and his reply was "I am running 105!!!!"

We arrived at the Medical Center in Bowling Green in 21 minutes!!!! Finally after finding the entrance to the ER (we had planned to tour the hospital and figure out all the parking prior to, didn't think we would need to know this soon) I was wheeled to L&D.  The nurses checked my weight and I had gained nearly 12lbs in 2 days, I was very swollen.  I was soon hooked up to machines, an IV started and the questions begun.

By this point I remember getting nervous and I could tell Chris and Momma was too.  Dr Lyons came in and checked me and I was dilated to 5 already. She told me there would be a baby delivered tonight. I FREAKED!!!! I was like there can't be, I am not ready, he isn't ready, I don't have the first bottle or diaper at my house yet!!!  We looked like a couple of hoodlums, I had on a 1986 "Mac Attack District Basketball Championship" t-shirt, (that I loved) and it had to be cut off since they had already done my IV. Chris had on a pair of old shorts, shirt on inside out and 2 different flip flops and no wallet!!! That is all we had to our name!!!  NO money, no driver's license, nothing!!!!!

So Chris and Momma get on their phones and started making some phone calls to notify my daddy, my sister, Chris's daddy that I was about to have the baby.  Chris was about to get suited up to go back into the delivery room with me, and the baby's heart rate started to drop, it was down in the 40s. Dr Lyons rushed in, as she had heard the machine starting to beep and said "prep her for a C-Section stat."  Once again I freaked, because Chris would not be allowed to go in with me because they had to put me asleep.  I can remember Chris kissing me on my forehead as they wheeled me out to the OR. A little nurse, she couldn't have weighed more than 90lbs,  jumped on the bed with me and was starting my catheter, while being rolled into the operating roon. After this point everything starts to be a blur, however I remember seeing Dr Lyons standing in the OR all suited up in her blue scrubs with a scalpel in her hand already, she told the Anesthesiologist "Tell me when"...................

May 20, 2004 1:45 to be continued

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